Quick Answers 36

Hey I just wanted to know if there was any way for those of us without Twitter to enter the giveaway? Thanks!

Alas, no. Tumblr is a logistical nightmare for trying to run a giveaway for us. Good news, though! Creating a Twitter account is free and pretty simple!

Hey! I couldn’t seem to find any secret santa for critters that is exclusively done online, so I made one myself, and would really appreciate it if you could boost it to anyone who wants to join! <3 the url is @critrolesecretsanta.

There you go!

Does Raishan have a class or did Matt just add spells to the monster stats?

We can’t be certain yet, though the spells she’s cast have a wide enough span across various class’ spell lists that we’re inclined to say that she doesn’t have a class. So far we’ve seen her cast, seen evidence that she has cast, or heard tell of her casting:

  • Minor Illusion (Cantrip), Episode 70 (0:47:49)
  • Blight (4th), Episode 71 (3:20:24) and (4:21:40)
  • Freedom of Movement (4th), Episode 71 (3:20:07)
  • Modify Memory (5th), Episode 73 (0:24:12)
  • Chain Lightning (6th) , Episode 71 (2:59:16)
  • Project Image (7th), Episode 73 (1:46:55)
  • Teleport (7th), Episode 71 (4:42:29)
  • Earthquake (8th), Episode 57 (3:08:42)
  • Meteor Swarm (9th), Episode 57 (3:08:42)

Additionally, she seems to have the innate ability to transform into other creatures, rather than having to cast True Polymorph or Polymorph. The 5e Monster Manual has granted this ability to metallic dragons, though this precedent has been true for this campaign before the stream started.

How much gold did Percy spend on Victor’s gunpowder so far?

All told, Percy has spent 800 gold on Victor’s black powder:

  • First trip: 400 gold
    • 400 gold to Victor (Ep23, 2:11:30)
  • Second trip: 250 gold
    • 250 gold to Victor (Ep43, 1:22:39)
  • Third Trip: 150 gold
    • 100 gold to Scanlan (Ep57, 1:26:29) toward material’s for Victor’s new hand.
      • Technically, the materials only cost 40 (Ep57, 1:29:09), but Scanlan and Grog kept the rest, so it still cost Percy 100 gold.
    • 50 gold to Samson the Blacksmith (Ep57, 0:45:18) for use of the smithing space.

I’m confused on how percentile dice work, with regard to Pike’s Divine Intervention against Vorugal. I thought she would have to roll twice, once for each digit. And if her second roll had also been a zero, wouldn’t that mean she rolled a 100, meaning failure?

Technically, yes. That said, not that it makes much difference, Matt had her roll a regular d10, rather than a percentage die (which are rather interchangeable).

Why don’t you have [recent equipment change/new spell] on your character sheet for [character]?

We only occasionally update the character sheets once they’ve been initially posted. They’re PDFs, which can be a major pain to edit and reupload to our Dropbox. Further, the spell cards are made by someone else and can be tricky to put into the PDF documents. We typically will not update equipment changes, like Vax giving his cloak to Keyleth, while the character is still the same level. He had his Displacer Cloak at the start of Level 15; we will not remove it from his Level 15 sheet, but will from his Level 16 sheet.

Who has Scanlan inspired the most?

Grog, 25 times!

Do you guys happen to know how to pronounce “Klossowski”? I keep trying to listen to the way Taliesin says it but he says it so fast! And not at all like how it’s spelled.

Gif. (We kid.)  koh-WAHL-skee.

I have a shipping moment to submit to you!

The shipping pages we have are maintained by volunteers, not us, and they update them on their own time. If you would like to start maintaining a ship, though, email us!

Do you have the times that the party surprised Matt?

We don’t, and it’s subjective enough (Matt keeps an incredible poker face) that it’s not something we can really track.

Is the group now equal to Allura’s (and possibly Kima and the others of that ilk’s) level? Allura could not make quick use of the gate spell because she is not high enough level (saying it’ll be years before she can). But 9th level spells like Gate can be learned at level 17 by full casters. So Allura’s max level is 16? She seemed more powerful than that to me.

There’s a whole lot about Allura that we don’t know. There’s always a possibility she multiclassed, or specializes in other schools of wizardry. Further, one’s power isn’t solely based in one’s casting abilities, and NPCs aren’t necessarily limited to class levels as players are.

How much time was left on Vox Machina’s timetable to kill Vorugal for the Ravinites? Assuming they would have spent 2 days in the Fire Plane, could they have gotten the armor before killing Vorugal?

They had about 7 or 8 days left, by our count. However, it’s worth noting that, in the intervening time between meeting with the Ravinites and going back to Draconia, Vox Machina had to handle Percy’s resurrection (and the emotional fallout thereof) and dealing with Raishan, the world’s largest complicating variable. There’s no telling what Raishan would have done in their absence had VM chosen to delay using Raishan to defeat Vorugal by gallivanting on another plane of existence.

Did Sam post the new item stats for Mythcarver? Do we have any idea what Mythcarver’s awakened state does? Also how it was awoken?

We’d encourage you to check out Talks Machina Episode 2 for your third question. As for your second, we’ll have to see! To answer your first, he hasn’t, and we wouldn’t count on him posting them, either.

The cast has already speculated that there is a spy within their ‘ranks.’ It was no coincidence that the dragons attacked when all of Emon was grouped together in a small place. But now there is even more proof, since Fort Daxio was 'coincidentally’ attacked when Vox Machina was in the Fire Plane. My question is who is the most likely candidate?

The Chroma Conclave’s attack timing was largely based on when Raishan broke Thordak out of the Fire Plane, which was Winter’s Crest (and was, as Raishan said, earlier than they had originally planned). It takes quite a while to fly across the Ozmit Sea (it took VM six days on an airship), and the timing of the Conclave’s attack on the port city of Emon lines up with the previously established travel time between Issylra and Tal’Dorei.

We aren’t comfortable speculating on a potential leak, especially with as few facts as we have.

In Episode 76, the erinyes used her reaction to parry one of Grog’s attacks (1:27:00), but as I was reading the Monster Manual it said that she must be wielding a melee weapon to parry, wouldn’t that imply that she must have her weapon in one of her hands to parry?

Indeed, she grabbed her longsword (1:27:08).

Could you possible make an educated guess at what the estimated age difference is between Pike and Scanlan?

As we talked about back in QA27, we don’t really know how old Scanlan is, so we don’t feel we can make a solid estimate in his age difference with Pike.

As of Episode 76, how long has it been since Percy died?

8 days.