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Is it listed anywhere how Matt goes about giving his players feats?

Matt goes by the D&D 5e PHB, which allows a player to choose a feat or ability score increase at levels 4, 8, 12, and 16.

How much damage could Percy have done to Raishan if she really was there during the meeting?

Had Percy hit Raishan, he would have dealt 1d8+ 1 + 6 DEX Slashing Damage + 3d6 additional damage (because she’s a dragon) per hit. So, anywhere between 11 and 59 damage per strike.

Did anyone write down what the Sultan’s full name and titles were?

Fortunately for us, the name and title comes straight out of lore from the Forgotten Realms:

The Grand Sultan of All the Efreet, The Lord of the Flame, The Potentate Incandescent, The Tempering and Eternal Flame of Truth, The Most Puissant of Hunters, Marshall of the Order of the Fiery Heart, The Smoldering Dictator, The Crimson Firebrand, Marrake al-Sidaan al-Hariq ben Lazan

Do you by any chance know the stats for Garthok’s Stiletto Spear?

Well, a spear deals 1d6 of damage, so unless it dealt some other kind of special damage, we don’t know. He only used it twice, both times with Sneak Attack, which makes trying to pinpoint its specifics difficult.

How many known people to Vox Machina died before, During, or After the Attack on Emon from the Chroma Conclave?

We know:

  • Bram Goldhand and Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei II died during the initial attack because Gilmore told us in Episode 41.
  • The Margrave of Westruun died thanks to the Herd of Storms after Umbrasyl, Raishan, and Vorugal attacked it.
  • Tiberius and his family died during Vorugal’s reign of terror in Draconia.
  • Orn ‘Blackfoot’ died thanks to Vox Machina’s treasure trap, originally set for Umbrasyl.

Do we know anything about the druid who supposedly cursed Raishan? Not a lot?

All we know comes from the Diseased Deceiver herself. The high druid died nearly a half-century ago after Raishan attacked the temple of Melora she was building for her roving band of druids. Raishan ‘broke her upon her altar.’ The high druid gave her dying breath to spite Raishan, placing a soul curse upon the dragon. All of this supposedly happened before Thordak’s initial invasion of Tal’Dorei, so it’s not likely to be anyone we’ve heard of by name.

What do we know about Glintshore - its history, what might be in that cave, etc. I can’t help but suspect Matt has prepared quite a bit for that little island, and it might come into play later….

To be fair, Matt prepares quite a bit for everything. Don’t forget that he’s writing an adventure guide to be released Spring/Summer 2017, so the entire realm has to be planned out.

What we know about Glintshore comes from Scanlan’s history check in Episode 67, and what we saw of the island in Episode 67-69. It is a tiny, largely abandoned island in the Hespit Archipelago in the Ozmit Sea. Its ground is mainly broken glass likely due to a large scale heating of the island (volcanic activity seems the best bet). There are trees, but there are 50 dead/petrified trees to every 1 live tree. As for the cave, all we saw was what Vex and Vax saw-it had at least two chambers, one of which contained an ancient altar and bones, the other of which seemed less altered.

How many times has Scanlan attacked with Mythcarver?

Eleven times (as of Episode 76):

  • Episode 51 (1:57:48) Against the Halfling Thug
  • Episode 58 (0:53:40) Against Hotis
  • Episode 63 (1:04:52) Against Grog
  • Episode 63 (1:06:00) Against Grog
  • Episode 68 (4:10:15) Against Ripley
  • Episode 68 (4:23:25) Against Ripley
  • Episode 72 (2:20:52) Against Elephant!Keyleth
  • Episode 76 (2:38:35) Against Ghurrix
  • Episode 76 (2:38:41) Against Ghurrix
  • Episode 76 (2:38:45) Against Ghurrix
  • Episode 76 (2:38:53) Against Ghurrix

How high are the interior walls of the dining room of Greyskull Keep?

According to Episode 36 (0:30:46): 12-15 feet high, 40 feet across.