Quick Answers 38

Critical Role is still doing the Critmas stream at the end of the year, right? Do you know when it’s going to be?

We have received confirmation that the cast is planning to do a Critmas session before going on holiday for the year. Since next week (December 15) is the last episode of 2016, we strongly suspect that you can expect to see it then.

Edit: We know now that the pre-taped Critmas will be on Talks Machina this Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm PT.

What does Percy add to his attack rolls?

Dexterity + Proficiency + Archery + Any bonus from the gun. So, currently: 

  • +13 for Retort
  • +13 for Bad News
  • +14 for Animus

What are everyone’s classes now?

As of Episode 77: Grog, Vax’ildan, Vex’ahlia, and Keyleth are Level 16; Percy and Scanlan are Level 15; Pike is Level 14. Update: Vex, Vax, and Grog have multiclassed, Keyleth a druid, Percy a fighter, Scanlan a bard and Pike a cleric. Vax’ildan is a 13th-level rogue and a 3rd-level paladin, Vex’ahlia is a 13th-level ranger and a 3rd-level rogue, and Grog is now a 15th-level barbarian and 1st-level fighter.

Do you have a count of the number of times someone has referred to one of the twins by the other’s name?

Our fantastic volunteers are currently tracking all the times that someone has mixed up Vex and Vax’s names. If you would like to contribute to that effort (or any of the other categories that they’re tracking), please send us an email at critrolestats@gmail.com!

What episode is it that Laura “shanks” Liam and Travis?

Episode 77 (0:32:13).

When did Keyleth ask Grog how he keeps his anger in check?

Episode 73 (1:15:30).

What are the races of the members of the Council of Tal'Dorei (sans VM because we know their races)?

As you can find on our NPC List:

  • Arcanist Allura Vysoren: Human
  • Seeker Asum Emring: Halfling
  • Arbiter Bram Goldhand: Human
  • General Krieg Tristan: Dragon
  • Lord Riskel Daxio: Elf
  • Guardian Tofor Brotorus: Dragonborn
  • Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei II: Human

Are we allowed to send in corrections for the media references/puns? I’ve noticed at least one missing media ref and possibly a missing pun, but I don’t want to come busting in throwing corrections everywhere if they aren’t wanted.

We appreciate the concern! We do sometimes miss things; sometimes because we don’t know what’s being said is a reference, other times because we track over twenty stats for each episode on an ongoing basis. We take submissions/corrections, though we do ask that, if you’re adding something, that you provide the timestamp and specifically what it is a reference to. Further, you’re more likely to get your reference added if you message us, rather than trying to comment in the notes of the post.

You missed [reference] when Sam sang!

Sam makes so many musical references that we list his musical moments on his own separate page, Scanlan Songs.

You included [reference], but I think it references something else than what you listed.

If you send along what you think it may refer to, we’ll look at it, decide if we agree, and act accordingly.