Quick Answers 39

Do you recall exactly the episodes/times Taliesin mimicked a crow’s call?

Best we can recall:

  • Episode 49 (1:54:09, 1:54:14, 1:55:52, 1:58:19)
  • Episode 50 (2:52:10, 2:52:36)
  • Episode 51 (0:23:40)
  • Episode 71 (0:23:21)
  • Episode 72 (2:49:13)

Interesting note from the “dice jail” picture of Laura that went up on the Talks Machina twitter: Vex’s background is listed on her character sheet as “Runaway,” not “Outlander” like I thought it was… I wonder if it’s a re-flavoured Outlander or something entirely homebrew?

Since the party transferred already-developed characters over from Pathfinder, Matt doesn’t put a lot of stock in the D&D Backgrounds. We looked into it, and we don’t see Vex gaining any particular benefit from this background, so we suspect that ‘Runaway’ is more for flavor than in-game effect.

Matt mentioned in a very early Q&A (either episode 4 or 10) that Allura was an elf. Since this is the only time she’s ever been referred to as such, should that be ignored or taken with a grain of salt?

She’s human: http://criticalrole.wikia.com/wiki/Allura_Vysoren

How many times has the party used Scrying, and what are the timestamps of those uses?

You can find that, and more, on our Spells Cast table: here.

In Episode 39, Marisha said to Taliesin, “That’s the most privileged thing you’ve said.“ Percy corrected her, "That’s the most privileged thing I’ve ever said that you’ve heard.” What are all the most privileged things Percy’s said?

We no longer take tracking requests that require an entire show rewatch.

How many episodes have ended with a cliffhanger?

We made a post a while back with those. But, to update, as of Episode 78:

  • Episode 66- Those wounds look familiar.
  • Episode 67- Vox Machina begins their siege on Glintshore.
  • Episode 68- Well. You know.
  • Episode 69- I want to kill the Cinder King.
  • Episode 75- Ghurrix is mad.
  • Episode 76- We’re back!! Oh…
  • Episode 78- It appears that we have guests. Where are you?

Is the dragonslayer longsword from the DMG or a homebrew version? The version in the DMG doesn’t require attunement but this one is being treated as if it does.

There’s precedent for VM treating this sword like it requires attunement, so as far as we know, this version requires it.

In what episode did Grog try to buy a lock pick?

Episode 39 (3:22:09).

What time stamp is the hilarious Matt meme that is on twitter of him saying “you will roll” or something close to that?

Honestly, we’re not sure what you’re referring to, sorry!

Edit: Thanks to naiku-haru for pointing out that this was a reference to the face Matt made in Episode 76 (0:04:56)!