Quick Answers 4

We’re working on a Frequently Asked Questions page, but to tide you over until then, here are some more quick answers.

Spellings of the Chroma Conclave dragons?

Thordak and Vorugal are the only members we know for certain. The other spellings on our NPC list are our best guesses. If Word of Mercer emerges for any on the list (including but not limited to dragons), let us know so we can cite or correct!

What spell did Drake used to travel with Allura?

Our thought is that the spell functions similarly to Wind Walk. From what we’ve seen, Drake’s magic is based in electrical energy, so it would make sense that his version of spells would reflect that. After all, he is a Thunderbrand, THE magic house in Kraghammer, so it stands to reason that he’s a seasoned magic practitioner who could have altered or created spells to suit his specialty.

When did Matt get the red dragon minis?

Episode 41 (start at 4:22:54). For any and all Critmas gifts, head over to our Critmas Gifts list!

What do the Greyskull Keep guards look like?

While we only know what we’ve been told, we’ve got our answer to that here (and ALL NPCs here)!

Did Scanlan level to 13?

Yes! He has access to Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion, which is a 7th level spell. We also saw in Episode 46 that his spell DC has gone up by 1 (as well as traded out a 4th level spell for Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere). Whether or not he leveled before episode 46 is unclear as he did not have an opportunity to demonstrate his new abilities the couple episodes before it. We know he leveled sometime after 43, but before episode 46.

Are you/anyone tracking things in the bag of holding and inventory?

All items we are tracking are on the character sheets. However, BigTimmy053 on Reddit compiled a rather large list, which is updated through Episode 41. As far as the yet-to-be-seen contents of the Bag of Holding, only Grog, the holder himself, actually knows. (Frankly, we’re not exactly prepared to take him on to take a peek. I mean, did you see what he did to those looters?!)

What were the runner-up monsters for the Trial of the Take episodes?

Update: Thanks to @dragonmustang01, we now know that the behir was the runner-up monster to Rimefang.  The behir appeared at the very end of episode 27, and Vox Machina battled it in Episode 28.

Update: Thanks to FusionAtsunna, we now know that the efreet was the runner-up monster to the rakshasa!  Matt mentioned it in his and Marisha’s post-Episode 41 Critmas Periscope.  The efreet appeared in Episode 46, infamously encased by Scanlan’s casting of Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere.

Update: Thanks to @MaxVsTheGame for linking us to the original polls!

What spell did Kaylee use to make the bag of treasure disappear?

We assume that it’s a spell variation of the portable hole. Much like the Bag of Holding, a Portable Hole stores items in a pocket dimension, but is shaped like a handkerchief and is much easier to carry around. However, Kaylee used only her fingers to store her loot. Fifth edition doesn’t have such a spell listed, but with knowledge of how a similar item works and the cooperation with the DM, players can probably work out a similar spell!