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Can you give us estimates on the upcoming Thordak fight?

Usually when you’re calculating odds, you have histories of both parties to compare for the sake of calculations. That said, we have no idea of what Thordak…

What are the Vegas betting odds?

….is capable. Matt has given us all a few hints, all of them pointing to something a bit more powerful than a MM-standard ancient red dragon. However, speculation…


….Ok. Critters, let’s breathe. Speculation doesn’t work well for odds, and you know we try to err on the side of less speculation. You’re welcome to speculate to your heart’s content, but we don’t have enough information on Thordak (or VM’s allies, for that matter) to feel comfortable conjecturing. Not to mention, the dice are telling a good chunk of the story, here, and we’ve seen them do crazy things before (see: Kevdak).

Can we get a critter opinion poll on VM’s chances of victory over Thordak?

You all can create one!

What are Vox Machina attuned items going into the big fight?

Everything we know about what they’re attuned to- and there’s some we’re not sure of- is on this chart.

Outside of the Spire of Conflux now giving a DC boost do we know any of Matt’s other vestiges changes for balance?

To be clear, the Spire of Conflux, which used to give +2 to spell attack rolls, now gives +1, but also gives +1 to the Spell Save DC. That’s the only modification we know of thus far.

Do you know why Ripley’s gun was named Animus?

‘Animus’ in Latin means ‘my mind.’ Considering this is a gun that Ripley was only able to successfully craft after inspiration from a shadow demon, we find that title rather ironic.

How many times has Vax said ‘go f*** yourself’ or has given the finger?

While we don’t track swears, we tracked bird flips for a while.

There is a scene between the three women talking about how charming Scanlan has become. Do you know which it is?

Episode 57 (2:50:28)

Stats, you guys forgot [this strength] on your Vox Machina Strengths post!

The list, as it said in the description, was not intended to be exhaustive. We wanted to cover the main strengths. We left off some of the more circumstantial strengths, like Grog’s Retaliation strike or Vax having a potion of speed (as we can’t assume that he’ll end up taking it). While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we aren’t looking for additions to the post.

I’m looking for a specific quote from Grog, when he has an exchange with Matt. Grog lands between two enemies and says, “Hello f***ers!” Matt replies saying Grog technically isn’t raging, so Travis changes his statement to, “Hello Gents.” I wanted to find out what episode it was from.

You were close! Episode 68 (0:52:20) Grog: Surprise, b***hes!  Matt: Not raging, unfortunately.  Travis: Surprise, gents.