Quick Answers 41

Where does Talks Machina get their footage from with the little character portraits underneath them with their hit points and all that?


How long in game time has it been since the last Winter’s Crest festival?

51 days, by our count.

When did Matt say, “I’m not going say it, but the sun is high in the sky,” or something similar?

Episode 74 (3:07:26)!

At the end of Episode 60 Heredity and Hats, Vex got an item card for Raven’s Slumber Crystal. Has any additional information been given for the item other than storing 1 not-so-large creature?

Yes! It stores one medium-sized creature, and it has been linked to Trinket, so whenever he drops to zero hit points, he is automatically stabilized and placed inside the crystal as long as he is within 100 feet of it.

When Vax’ildan was in it in Episode 61 (0:52:23), he saw that inside it was a “darkened stone room with four walls, a single stone throne in the center facing out towards what appears to be a glass window the size of the other walls that shows an image of the perspective of the necklace.” We also have a post on it here.

What episode did Taliesin get the IRL Cabal’s Ruin? And which other vestiges were given IRL to the cast and when?

  • Laura: Fenthras (Ep64, 1:59:30)
  • Taliesin: Cabal’s Ruin (Ep71, 0:00:18)
  • Liam: Whisper (Ep71, 0:01:42)
  • Marisha: Spire of Conflux (Ep72, 2:14:44) Thanks to lynmars79 for this one!

Who killed the dragons of the Conclave?

  • Brimscythe - Vax’ildan
  • Umbrasyl - Grog
  • Vorugal - Vex’ahlia
  • Thordak - Vax’ildan

What app(s) do you use during game to assist with recalling rules, spells, etc?

Matt has stated in the past that he’s used Fight Club 5 for iPhone for spells. Rule recall comes straight from either his DM notes or the handbooks.

Did Vex ever use the dragon slaying arrow they found after killing Rimefang?

She did! Of the two dragon slaying arrows she loosed on Thordak, that was the one that struck true and shattered the crystal. The other was a gift from Zahra. Thanks to tiamat-zx for the correction from Umbrasyl. Too many dragons in the Dungeons game!

Any details on Travis’ / Grog’s level up and seeming multi-class into fighter stats?

Besides the Second Wind he used, a very reliable source informed us that Grog is, indeed, and level 15 Barbarian and level 1 Fighter! We’ll now have that information on his Level 16 character sheet.

Question: on Vex’s character sheet, does Fenthras’ +13 include Vex’s Archery fighting style (+2 to Attack rolls with ranged weapons)?

It didn’t; we’ve now added it in!

When Taliesin crits he gets a superiority die back, correct? Is that a feat, part of a fighter or gunslinger archetype, or a homebrew rule?

Per the Gunslinger martial archetype, the gunslinger regains a grit point when scoring a critical hit with a firearm attack while in the heat of combat, after reducing a dangerous creature to 0 HP with a firearm attack, and after finishing a short or long rest.

Has Scanlan ever expressed any attraction to any male characters? I swear I remember him hitting on a male NPC and asking if he was in a relationship at one point but I can’t recall enough specific detail to figure out when in the show it would have been.

You’re referring to the times in Ep15 (1:26:45) and Ep67 (1:24:10) that Scanlan asked Captain Damon of the sky ship Deera if he was single. You can check out what Sam has to say about Scanlan’s sexuality in this tweet.

Do you (or do you know of anyone who does) keep track of the times when Matt or the cast respond to something off-screen (someone dropping something, booms, etc.) that become woven into the story?

We no longer take tracking requests that require a full-show rewatch.

A count of Laura/Travis belches

We no longer take tracking requests that require a full-show rewatch.

Hey, what was the total HP of the creature fought in the latest episode?

We usually have our best live estimate up on Twitter, among the rest of our live stats. If for some reason it’s not there or you need a guarantee of the full damage dealt, give us time to write up our Monster Analysis on said creature, which usually goes up sometime between the episode hitting YouTube and the next episode streaming on Twitch!

Can you tell Matt and the cast that the numbers they said are wrong, so they can fix them?

We could, but we also prefer to lead by example and observe & record without interference. While they can throw our numbers off from time to time and have a drastic impact on the story, mistakes are part of the game, and the story goes the direction it goes. If the players want to contest or fix those, we’ll leave it up to them to do so. It’s their game and their story.

Well, can you at least publicly confirm said mistakes with us, so we can tell them to fix them?

See above about leading by example. We’re not going to publicize their mistakes. It’ll be fine, guys, really!