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How much can Grog bench press and/or lift?

Per 5e’s lifting and carrying rules (PHB 176), with the Titanstone Knuckles’ Enlarge activated, Grog can bench 2880 pounds = 24 Strength * 30 lift * 2 Large * 2 Goliath’s Powerful Build

When asked on Talks Machina about it (Ep02), Travis projected that Grog could bench two dairy cows. We learned that dairy cows usually weigh between 1200 and 2000 pounds each. So, an Enlarged Grog could theoretically bench two lightweight dairy cows.

Has Vax ever been able to use Dimension Door, through a feat or item? My friend is getting caught up and says he used it.

He has, by means of the Cape of the Mountebank (DMG 157). We first saw its once-per-day Dimension Door feature utilized in Episode 34 with the Briarwoods (1:19:29). Its final use was in Episode 46, in which Vax sacrificed it to help close the portal to the Plane of Fire in Pyrah (3:05:34). If you have questions about spell use, check out our Spells Cast chart!

Exandria’s Winter Solstice is called Winter’s Crest, I believe it was mentioned what the name of the Summer Solstice in Exandria, but I can’t recall.

Raishan called it the Celestial Solstice in Episode 70 (0:17:59).

Will G&S be releasing a longer Critical Role Community video?

As far as we know, they plan to.

What was the episode Matt got his Thordak mini? I’ve been looking around for it and I can’t seem to find it.

He got it during the Episode 41 Critmas at (4:22:54).

What’s the total amount of gold spent?

We received this question a few times after posting our Gold Spent article, detailing all the gold, silver, copper, gems, and assorted other items that Vox Machina spent over the course of 79 episodes. Go give our 30-some volunteers a thank you, by the way, for doing that work over the course of three months!

Our reasoning for not including a grand total is that there are enough unknown amounts that whatever number we calculated would not be accurate. As you read in the post, there are many instances where the amount paid is never stated, is given in terms of ‘a sack of coins’ (or something to that effect), or is paid in currency whose exchange rate with gold is never given, like ‘all the dragon’s teeth and three vials of dragon’s blood.’

That said, critters, if you would like to come up with your own estimates, as Liam says, you can certainly have at it!

Might be the wrong type of question to ask but is Vax divine smiting with thrown attacks because Whisper makes it a melee or just a home rule Matt is allowing? I have not noticed if Vax has smited throwing daggers other than Whisper or swords. I am not trying to be a rules lawyer from behind my computer, I am just interested to know because it gives an extra coolness to Whisper as a custom made magic item if that is the case.

Here are the times that Vax’ildan has cast Divine Smite:

  • Episode 68 (Nat19=30, 0:35:34) Sneak Attack Dagger with Divine Smite against Maelstrom
  • Episode 71 (Unknown, 28, 2:39:50) Whisper Surprise Sneak Attack with Divine Smite with advantage against Vorugal
  • Episode 79 (Unknown, 26, 1:28:06) Dragonslayer Longsword Sneak Attack with Divine Smite and HM with advantage against Thordak
  • Episode 79 (Nat20, 2:12:09) Dragonslayer Longsword with Sneak Attack and Divine Smite and HM against Thordak

His attacks in Episodes 68 and 79 were very clearly melee, it’s the attack in Episode 71 where this question comes into play. Indeed, Vax traveled with Whisper to stab Vorugal, making it a thrown/melee hybrid, allowing him to make use of Divine Smite.

In in-game time, how long was the Thordak fight?

As we said in our Monster Analysis, the battle with Thordak himself (and not the continuing fight after he was dead) lasted just under 5 rounds, meaning it lasted between 24-30 seconds.

Was Thordak officially confirmed to be the dragon that killed Vex and Vax’s mother? If so, which episode was it said? Or is it just projecting?

It’s not just projecting! It’s been confirmed several times. We know the twins are initially from Byroden, which is a town in the Verdant Expanse that Allura mentioned in episode 40 as one of those destroyed in Thordak’s initial run on Tal’Dorei. Vax and Syldor talk about avenging the twins’ mother in episode 60, and Vax explicitly mentions getting vengeance when he prays to the Raven Queen in episode 70. Matt also mentions in Episode 79 that, when Vex looks up at him, she knows that Thordak was indeed the dragon who killed her mother.

Just wondering if on the vestiges page, each might have a stat added to it noting which episode it was found? I’ve been kind of curious about the time between each and the description verbatim from Mercer on them as well. Thank you!

Good idea, thanks for the suggestion! Done! The official descriptions for each vestige are already there, but here’s the episodes in which they were finally obtained by Vox Machina in chronological order:

  • The Deathwalker’s Ward: Episode 44
  • The Mythcarver: Episode 49
  • The Titanstone Knuckles: Episode 52
  • Fenthras: Episode 63
  • Whisper and Cabal’s Ruin: Episode 69
  • Spire of Conflux: Episode 71
  • The Plate of the Dawnmartyr: Episode 76

I have a question about the resurrection rituals - who has helped out during them, and how many times?

  • Pike (Pre-stream) Unknown, Unknown, Scanlan
  • Grog (Episode 11) Pike (a multi-step ritual was not used)
  • Vex’ahlia (Episode 44) Percy, Zahra, Vax’ildan
  • Grog (Episode 50) Vex’ahlia, Vax’ildan, Scanlan
  • Theodore (Child killed in Westruun in Episode 52) Pike, Keyleth, Percy
  • Percy (Episode 69) Vex’ahlia, Pike, Keyleth