Quick Answers 43

What level Wizard is Shaun Gilmore? And what wizard school does he study?

He’s a sorcerer, confirmed by Matt.

Where did Vax get the Potion of Invulnerability he used during the Thordak fight?

In Vorugal’s lair (Episode 72, 0:59:00).

Was it ever known where the cast used to play D&D before the stream?

According to Liam in episode 12, past games took place “in the dark and fantastical cave, also known as Travis’s dining room.” This doesn’t mean ALL games were there, but we can assume a good portion were there.

Matt mentioned that the resurrection DC goes up by 5 every time a character dies and is successfully brought back. In light of this, what would be the current DC for each character.

He also clarified that he’s still adjusting things to see what works best. If we assume that this new mechanic includes previous deaths, the base DC is 10, and items that prevent death at the moment it happens (see Percy) don’t prevent this from happening, the new base DCs before each skill challenge is as follows:

  • Grog - 20
  • Vex’ahlia - 20
  • Percy - 20
  • Pike - 15
  • Scanlan - 15
  • Vax’ildan - 10
  • Keyleth - 10

Don’t forget to also check out out KOs page for an up-to-date count of KOs and character deaths.

If Scanlan uses Bigby’s opposing hand, doesn’t that mean the creature can’t come closer at all. It has to stay away at at whatever radius the hand moves to and moves with the creature on its turn as well?

We’re going to presume the asker means the Interposing function of Bigby’s Hand. Here is the wording from the PHB (218):

Interposing Hand. The hand interposes itself between you and a creature of your choice until you give the hand a different command. The hand moves to stay between you and the target, providing you with half cover against the target. the target can't move through the hand's space if its Strength score is less than or equal the hand's Strength score. If its Strength score is higher than the hand's Strength score, the target can move toward you through the hand's space, but that space is considered difficult terrain for the target.

When does Scanlan play the flute to summon the brass dragon?

Devo’ssa/J’mon Sa Ord was summoned in Episode 80 at (1:21:50) and arrived at (1:50:15).

Was a description for the hanging Percy figure in the Sun Tree ever given?


I’ve looked for nearly two weeks but I cannot seem to locate the song used by Matt during Episode 79, Thordak that played at two specific moments. The same song played at around 0:17:15 on the VoD when the party rolled initiative on Thordak, and when Vax delivered the killing blow on Thordak at 3:19:00. I’ve searched and searched with no luck, I’d love to know what song it is!

Matt announced that Blizzard granted access to their music for the show, “as well as a couple community tracks that have been submitted.” Updated: Thanks to an anonymous critter, we now know that the track is “Archons” from Paradox and Obsidian’s Tyranny. (You’ll recall that these are the same guys responsible for Pillars of Eternity!)

Is there anywhere that I can download mp3 versions of the episodes?

At this time, Geek & Sundry has not designated an official location to download the show as MP3 tracks. However, all of the episodes are currently available on Youtube.

What is the criteria for awakening vestiges?

Matt has stated on Talks Machina that the vestiges that have been awakened up to this point have done so due to story, rather than mechanical, reasons. We know that Deathwalker’s Ward has to do with devotion to the Raven Queen, and Mythcarver with the survival of the wielder to continue telling tales. We don’t know exactly why Whisper awoke, or what will awaken the other vestiges!

Do you know what rules Matt used for Percy’s corruption points?

Update: Yes!
Not exactly, though the DMG has some fun suggestions (p62, p259).

Has Matt ever shown how he keeps track of initiative?

We haven’t gotten a picture, but he has informed us that all the players and their numbers are listed in order in one column on one side, while all enemies and NPCs are listed across them in another column with their numbers.