Quick Answers 44

How many times has…?

Due to the recent release of our word count posts, we’ve had an influx of requests to track more. The posts we’ve made are the result of nearly a year’s worth of tracking; required the effort of over 100 volunteers; and months of work on our part to coordinate volunteers, collect stats, edit, format, check, and post. 

With the sheer volume of content now, we decided that, once we were done tracking previously made requests, we would no longer take requests that require a full-show rewatch. Further, we no longer take requests for tracking a particular phrase or word. We have amazing volunteers, and we want to make sure we can make the best use of their time and energy as possible.

Do you have a list of episodes where characters died?

We’ll use this as a reminder opportunity that we have an entire page of Running Stats where information like this is available!

Is there a list of Kaylie’s appearances?

  • Episode 37 (2:11:25) Diamond’s Nest Tavern
  • Episode 38 (1:06:50) Greyskull Keep
  • Episode 39 (2:52:30) Emon prison
  • Episode 50 (2:59:28) Westruun
  • Episode 51 (0:06:34) Westruun
  • Episode 56 (3:19:51) Kymal refugee camp
  • Episode 65 (1:14:00) Via Scanlan’s scrying potion

Why were there lair actions even though Thordak died?

Like regional effects, lair actions take time to wear off once the creature dies, at least in Exandria. Matt specifically said as such in Episode 80 (0:14:37).

What does the bottom of Sam’s mug say in Episode 80?

Sam posted a picture of it on Twitter here. You can also see all of Sam’s past mugs here.

In what instances have we seen Gilmore actually engage in combat?

We saw him use some threatening-looking magic in Episode 41 (2:58:49), but not combat. We saw him implode Hotis’ assassin in Episode 58 (1:48:30), and we saw him do battle with Thordak and Raishan in Episodes 79 and 80.

How much gold does Vox Machina have?

We got this question during Talks Machina right after Laura said that the only person who knows how much gold VM has Vex. So, that answers that.

How much does Vox Machina actually owe Gilmore, Allura, Kima, and anyone else they got stuff from in the conclave arc?

Owe? It’s hard to put a price on what Vox Machina and Gilmore, Allura, Kima, etc. have shared with each other. Gilmore and Allura crafted the illusion barrier for Whitestone while Vox Machina ensured they were safe from the dragons. Gilmore gave VM a locket, which they were able to pass on to his parents. Kima fought by their side against Vorugal, Raishan, and Thordak, and VM gave her the Holy Avenger Longsword to fight the latter two. Like Percy said, don’t put a price on family.

Has it been confirmed that Whisper was awakened?

If the what we saw in Episode 79 wasn’t Whisper awakening, especially considering what we saw of Mythcarver awakening, we will be very surprised.

What happened to Eskil Ryndarien?

Last we saw him in Episode 57 (2:43:49), he was in Whitestone, working on researching the ziggurat.

Do you what episode it was when Percy shouted out “No one has a sense of f***ing honor!?” Or something along the lines of that?

Episode 13 (1:11:09) Some people have no sense of f***ing honor!