Quick Answers 45

I’m looking for all of the items offered by party members as part of the skill check ritual through Revivify.

  • Vex:
    • Kashaw: Diamonds to commence ritual
    • Percy: Whitestone Residuum
    • Zahra: Moonstone from Staff
    • Vax’ildan: Vax’ildan
  • Grog:
    • Scanlan: Potion of Fire Giant Strength
    • Vex’ahlia: Ale
    • Vax’ildan: Prayer to Raven Queen
  • Percy:
    • Vex’ahlia: Whitestone residuum and plea to stay
    • Pike: Divine Intervention
    • Keyleth: Crow skull/flock of crows/use of raven wings
  • Vex:
    • Pike: Lock of hair
  • Scanlan:
    • Pike: Plea that she can’t raise Kaylie alone

Will you guys be putting together a page or add a tag to track all the stuff you finished tracking since the new year? Or if you already have one what/where is it?

We try to tag all of the tracking posts like those with the hashtag ‘critter assist’!

How long was Vex'ahlia under water during Vax and Percy’s conversation?

About 90 seconds.

Do we know what kind of spellcaster Raishan is or at least which class she is based upon?

From the Monster Manual (p86):  “Dragons are innately magical creatures that can master a few spells as they age.” While the rest of the variant isn’t fully followed by Raishan (e.g., it’s suggested that dragons can only cast each spell they know once per day using their Charisma modifier), it’s safe to assume that Raishan is a “dragon” spellcaster, opposed to that of some form of PC class.

It’s been a week since Talks Machina has had a new episode, and the episode still isn’t posted on geek and sundry’s website or YouTube. Any idea what the hold up is?

No delay, it’s intentional. The first four episodes and the Critmas episode are available on the G&S site. If you’re a Twitch subscriber, you can watch past episodes on-demand. If you’re an Alpha subscriber, you can watch them on-demand, as well as the Alpha-exclusive Q&A segments.

Spirit or letter of the law question: IIRC, some of VM’s magic items or abilities recharge “with the dawn.” I assume in D&D gameplay rules, this is meant to mean stuff recharges once daily. But because of semantics, could they argue that they get the recharge early because they teleported back to Whitestone while dawn was breaking?

Could they? Sure. They’ve played it both ways in the past, but they ultimately follow the spirit of the law.

Is Kima’s new weapon a longsword or a greatsword? I heard this site refer to it as both.

Discrepancies? On this site? It’s more likely than you think. (It’s a greatsword.)

I know you don’t take requests that need a complete rewatch, but I would like to know if there is a list of the times when someone said “Rakshasa” while doing the jazz hands.

Alas, there is not a list.

Is there a running list of how many times the DM (Either Matt or Liam, given the two one-off specials) has said “Good to know” or any of its equivalents(including “Okay!”)?

Yep, through Episode 36.

I just learned that there is a house rule that if Trinket becomes unconscious, he can be stabilized when drawn back into Vex’s pendant. Now what? Does he gain 1 hit point after 4 hours? Is he disabled? Does someone still have to heal him?

As far as we know, Trinket is held in stasis in the necklace until released and then healed. Also, to be clear, that isn’t a house rule, it’s an upgraded ability for the Raven’s Slumber Crystal, granted by Orlan the Ghost Bear in Episode 60 (2:39:59).

I know that Keyleth is Half-Elf, but the Critical Role Wiki doesn’t mention which of her parents is the elf. It just states that both Korren and Vilya are humanoid. Do you happen to know?

Both of her parents are half-elves.