Quick Answers 46

If Vax gets surprise with all those nice assassin bonuses, how much damage (on average), can we expect him to do?

For the sake of this, we’ll say that Vax attacked immediately in order to get a surprise attack, and didn’t have time to cast Hunter’s Mark.

  • 42 (Sneak Attack) + 4 Slashing + 8 Psychic + 8 + 16 Divine Smite  = 78 Average Crit Damage
  • 42 (Sneak Attack) + 4 Piercing + 8 Psychic + 8 + 10 (Sharpshooter) = 72 Average Crit Damage

What is the max damage Vax has done?

Vax’s most damaging single attack was in Episode 79 (2:12:09), dealing 102 damage against Thordak. For any damage related questions, check out either our All Rolls chart, Average/Total Damage Dealt chart, or Damage Taken chart over on our Running Stats page!

Do you keep track of the last time Trinket dealt damage?

We keep track of all damage dealt, both on the whole and by episode, here.

How much health does Trinket have?

Typically, he has 64 HP, but in Episodes 82 and 83, he had 79 HP due to Heroes’ Feast.

What did Orlan the ghost bear give to Vex?

You can see that in Episode 60 (2:39:20)!

What’s the episode where Scanlan says that Vex intimidates him?

Well, Percy said Vex was scary in Episode 34 (0:21:44), but we’re unsure about if/when Scanlan said something like that.

How did Keyleth get her flame hands?

We’d recommend watching Episode 22 and the battle at the beginning of Episode 28 for that!

Since when does Grog have a 2nd level spell slot and what has he used it for?

Since he got the Titanstone Knuckles, which you can read about on our Vestiges page and on our Spells Cast chart.

I am curious if you know how many times Percy’s full-name has been stated throughout the show.

We tracked that until Episode 30 here!

Do we have names for all of Percy’s siblings?

The Critical Role Wikia has that information! If you have a question like this in the future, check there first!

Do we know what Whisper does yet after it presumably awoke? How about Cabal’s Ruin?

  • Whisper: As of Episode 83, not yet!
  • Cabal’s Ruin:  It can now hold up to 9 charges, but that’s all we know so far.

I’m sure it’s been said before, but I don’t remember which episode or when, that Liam mentioned his kids’ D&D games, specifically his daughter’s. What does she play as, and what is their class/race setup like?

In the second Q&A/Battle Royale episode (1:23:38), Liam said that Hamlet (his son) plays in a campaign with two of his friends as a half-elf druid, Hamlet and Romper Stomper (his daughter) play in a campaign together as a dwarven wizard and an elven druid, and Romper Stomper has a game with three friends where she plays a gnome rogue. We also know that Romper Stomper and friends have recently started a campaign in Barovia, and that Hamlet has taken a turn in the DM Chair.

What music is used before the streams? Is there a playlist of all the music Matt uses?

Matt released the playlist of music here, though bear in mind that this was a while ago.

I have been noticing in the more recent episodes that Matt asks for an investigation check when looking for traps, rather than a perception check. He DID used to ask for perception checks, right? I’m not just remembering wrong?

You’re not remembering wrong; he’s modified the type of check since the early episodes. For any roll-related questions, check out our All Rolls chart!

At your best guess, how much experience do each of the members of VM have and how long until each of them levels up? (like, how many wolves would they have to kill, or just how many more points in general?)

We can’t give a best guess because we have no idea how many experience points each player has, nor what Matt’s experience points to level ratio is. What we can tell you is how often each character has leveled up previously, which you can find here.

Has Matt said how old the dragons of the Conclave are? I know they are ancient, but how old specifically?

To quote Matt, “You don’t know.” (We don’t, either.) However, what we know about Thordak can be found here and what we know about Raishan can be found here.


The world may never know.