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Just a quick correction to the Cabal’s Ruin. If I remember correctly when it awoke when Percy critted it was stated that Percy can add the dice AFTER the hit now instead of requiring to call the charges before the attack. Which is a subtle update but an update.

Nope, it’s always been that way! Matt clarified it in Episode 79 (2:22:27).

Do you have the awakened stats of [vestige]? What about [character attribute]?

Contrary to popular belief, we generally don’t get insider knowledge on character stats or items. Almost everything we know is a result of good old-fashioned detective work. If it’s been confirmed by a cast member, we’ll say so. If an item or ability is never shared or rarely used, well, not much of a trail to go on, right?

What episode is that one Liam O’Brien meme face from?

Episode 60 (2:33:40).

Re: the boots of haste: you say Vax can do more damage when he uses sneak attack, but Vax can only use sneak attack once per turn, and he’s always used it at the top of his turn. So sneak attack damage shouldn’t factor in, should it?

If he uses his bonus and normal actions to cast a spell and hide and then attacks, he will get Sneak Attack. In the future, if you would like a better chance of receiving a timely response to a question, you will need to ask it non-anonymously.

I know you said you aren’t taking requests that require a full-series rewatch, but–

Good, we’re glad you know that we aren’t taking full-show rewatch requests! Consider asking for a request that could be accomplished in 10 episodes or fewer!

Which guests have been on the most? My friend says Will and Mary, but hasn’t Rothfuss been on more now?

By this point, yes, Patrick has been on a total of 6 episodes. For future reference, we make all of that information public on our Running Times chart.

Looking to know what the name of Percy’s scarves are.

The long neck scarves weren’t given names. They’re just fancy scarves.

I don’t suppose you happen to know what style of coat Percy wears? I want to make a cosplay of him.

The official art by Kit and Wendy are great places to start for inspiration, as is the show intro. Beyond that, check out all the fan art. Taliesin has said that Percy has more than one coat, so you have room for artistic license!

Does Matt allow Grog to use with Great Weapon Master on the Dwarven Thrower?

As was the case with the Firebrand Warhammer, they have house ruled that GWM can be used when he wields the Dwarven Thrower melee, but not when it is thrown (Ep83, 2:46:39).

Just wanted to say the Minor Speculation page could use a bit of updating.

As a note, we do not make a habit of updating prior posts like that one from September. By not updating those, we try to ensure that people who aren’t fully caught up on the show can read posts about the episode that originally aired around that time without worrying about being spoiled.

How many times have you guys at CRStats been referenced on the show or Talks Machina?

We’ll be honest, while the idea entertains us, we’d feel a little weird about tracking mentions of us.

Can you add a new stat? I would like like to know the approximate Alpha + Twitch live viewership for each session.

As we answered previously: We cannot; we’re so busy during the livestream that we can’t track it. We previously reached out to Geek & Sundry, but they, understandably, keep their analytics private.