Quick Answers 48

Who was it that killed each individual member of the conclave with what attack? (for fanart purposes)

  • Brimscythe: Vax’ildan, Unknown (presumably a dagger)
  • Umbrasyl: Grog, Bloodaxe
  • Vorugal: Vex’ahlia, Fenthras
  • Thordak: Vax’ildan, Whisper
  • Raishan: Kerrek, Dusk Warhammer

Did Vex drop Demons for her favorite enemy? I was rewatching the episode where Vex and Percy were in the library and Laura brought it up but then said never mind.

Nothing has been stated on the show about it, as far as we know.

I would like to know how many times Laura has used swear words OOC and IC on the show?

We have no problem with strong language, but we still want to keep the language (relatively) clean on the site. Also, we no longer take tracking requests that require a full-show rewatch. (Friendly reminder to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!)

How does the Spire of Conflux work exactly? Can Keyleth cast those spells at higher levels? Does she have to spend more charges?

From how it was described, the Spire can only cast its spells- Fireball, Ice Storm, Conjure Elemental, Chain Lightning, and Fire Storm- at their base levels, expending the amount of charges listed for each. So, the Spire is balanced- amazing spells and other benefits, but only those certain spells and only at base level.

Would you or any one of your helpers happen to have a list of at least one time each member of VM introduced themselves individually (besides Tiberius, there’s already a list for him I know) and a time they introduced themselves as VM?

  • You can take your pick of Percy introductions here
  • Vex introduced herself in Episode 18 (0:21:52) 
  • Scanlan in Episode 18 (0:20:17) 
  • Grog in Episode 18 (0:22:10) or Episode 60 (0:28:31) 
  • Vax in Episode 20 (0:33:47) 
  • Keyleth in Episode 84 (3:03:08) 
  • Pike in Episode 04 (0:21:16) 

They introduced themselves as Vox Machina in Episode 37 (2:23:05).

Weird question: Has Matt ever yawned on stream?

…Probably? In character, totally.

Hey, just wondering if [the character sheet] PDFs are custom, or if there is blank template to use in google docs.

They’re from Wizards of the Coast!

I seem to recall that Taliesin played a dragonborn paladin in the very first game before switching to Percy. Do we know anything else about this character, and has he ever been mentioned in the story?

He’s never been mentioned in the story, and the only other thing we know was from the Wizard World Portland panel (0:08:58).

Have there ever been any instances of double natural 20s on disadvantage or double natural 1s on advantage?

Edit: Yes. 

Double Natural 20s with disadvantage:

  • Sylas Briarwood: Ep34 (3:07:48)
  • Ghurrix, forced to reroll with Vax’s Luck: Ep76 (1:08:38)

Scanlan rolled double Nat20s with advantage in Ep77 (2:17:11).

Double Natural 1s with advantage: 

  • Vex: Ep48 (2:49:15) 
  • Scanlan: Ep61 (1:54:25)
  • Vax: While using Luck: 
    • Ep65 (2:00:09)
    • Ep83 (3:17:01) 
  • Grog: While Recklessly Attacking in Ep76 (1:12:28)
  • Keyleth: Ep78 (0:32:31)

What was the QR code on Sam’s mug?


Is your spelling of Taryon’s name on your Twitter the confirmed spelling or just your best guess?

Best guess in the moment. The spelling has since been confirmed as Taryon Darrington. Also, that’s generally true of all characters, places, or statistics during a live broadcast: functional for the moment, but check our NPC List or site for final names and numbers.

Any idea what kind of artificer Taryon is? Like if it’s the Unearthed Arcana one or if Matt made another class?

We’ve got an idea or two, but it’s honestly wild speculation at this point. We’ll need to see more of him before we’re comfortable speculating publicly. We are pretty sure there’s some homebrewing happening, though.