Quick Answers 49

Why did you remove…?

If you’ve been digging in our archives in the past week, you may be disappointed to find a number of articles missing. Have no fear; they’re not completely gone, and will be returning somewhere else. On a somewhat related note, we’re probably going to be under a little bit of construction this weekend. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!

Is there a confirmed spelling for Taryon’s sidekick’s name?

Yep, Sam confirmed that it’s Doty. (And we strongly suspect it’s homage to the current Head of Live Broadcasting & Production.)

How many projectiles were thrown/shot at Sam over the course of Episode 85?

Not enough.

Do we know the alignment of Gern Blanston?

We do not!

Where is this new layout for the stream at? I’ve seen pictures of there being new character pictures that are under the cast that shows health. It doesn’t show on the Twitch stream?

Critical Role Alpha.

How many in-game days has it been since Grog grew his beard?

Grog started making beard checks the day they left for Vasselheim in Episode 15, and stopped on their first morning in Whitestone in Episode 28. So, as of Episode 86, he started growing his beard 112 days ago, and stopped 72 days ago.

What book is Scanlan reading the limericks from in Critical Role Episode 76?

This one.

Yo @CritRoleStats Ima need a Kima kill count soon!

  • Episode 07 (1:41:09) Duergar Mage
  • Episode 07 (2:57:24) Basilisk

What is the backend for your DB? Where do you store all your data?

Our data is stored primarily on a series of Google Docs and Sheets, with images and character sheets being stored on Dropbox.

What did the QR Code on Sam’s new mug say in Episode 86?

…I don’t wanna talk about it.

What’s the average amount of each dice type it would take to kill Grog? (I.e. 30d12, etc.)

Level 16 Grog has 221 HP. If we assume it’s just the dice without modifiers, and the damage is NOT something he’s resistant to (poison, physical damage while raging, etc.), here’s the minimum dice required (rounded up).

  • 221 / 6.5 = 34d12
  • 221 / 5.5 = 41d10
  • 221 / 4.5 = 50d8
  • 221 / 3.5 = 64d6
  • 221 / 2.5 = 89d4

I was looking at the vestiges spreadsheet and noticed there are two different terms used for upgrades. Is there any difference between a vestige that is awoken and one that is exalted?

Conveniently, Matt just answered this one on Talks Machina After Dark! Though it’ll be explained in more detail in the campaign guide, the basic idea is that there are three levels: Dormant, then Awoken, then Exalted. That allows the Vestige to keep pace with the player’s increasing abilities as they travel and gain more experience. Some of the Vestiges came to Vox Machina already exalted, like Fenthras and, we suspect, the Plate of the Dawn Martyr.

Is there a video or a list of all of Scanlan’s inspirations?


How long have Matt & friends played Critical Role before they started streaming, and how often did they play before they started playing?

They played for about 2 years before starting Critical Role, and they played every 6 weeks or so, depending on their schedules.

Did I misremember, or is there going to be a Crit Role live show soon? And if so, will that disrupt the normal schedule?

There is going to be at least a live Talks Machina at WonderCon sometime between March 31st-April 2nd. We don’t have any more details than that as of this time.