Quick Answers 5

Another set of Quick Answers!  Lots of reminiscing this time around.

Do you guys happen to remember when Percy said he wanted to visit the temple of the Raven Queen?

Episode 42 (3:36:43). He never made the trip, but we imagine Taliesin would have been very interested to see traces of her influences again, especially since he saw her influence in a different campaign.

In what episode did Grog trip Vax, and what were their rolls for it?

Episode 5 (1:43:50). Grog: 24. Vax: 22.

How does Grog do so much damage?

It’s a combination of his strength (17), his weapon (Craven Edge), his feat (Great Weapon Master), his type of attack (Reckless Attack), and his barbarian nature (Brutal Critical).

Have y'all made a list of the times when Vax just walks away?

We haven’t, but it’s on our list of things that we will track!

How did Percy hide the skull in Episode 40 because I’m really confused with what happened with the shadow, and the table?

He cast Minor Illusion. Had Grog reached his hand into the table, he would have touched it. Fortunately, the goliath was already wary of burning substances in the workshop, and didn’t try to touch it.

Percy’s Dragon-slayer sword is a longsword right? Are they dexterity weapons or strength weapons? I thought longsword were strength based.

It is indeed a longsword. The PHB does not list the longsword as a finesse weapon, but there’s a number of reasons why Percy could wield it as such. It’s remarkably lighter than a greatsword like Craven Edge, and Percy’s royal training (as well as his fighter class) could grant him the proper skill with it to wield it as a dexterity weapon. Or, we can ignore the story reasons and just go with “the DM allowed it.” ;)

What was the name of the sphinx Osysa told the party to meet?  What did the androsphinx say about the Vestiges of Divergence?

In the interest of not spoiling it for people who haven’t watched Episode 49 yet, we’ll tell you that both Knowledge and A Name Are Earned (by watching Episode 49 and listening for it).  When you’re done watching-seriously, resist the urge to spoil yourself- Matt released the Vestiges of Divergence information via Twitter.

I was just wondering if they already killed one of the dragons in the Chroma Conclave?

Yes!  Pre-stream, Vox Machina killed Brimscythe, a young-to-adult aged blue dragon who had been disguising himself as General Krieg, the overseer of law in Emon.

When did they all sing someone to death?

In Episode 7 (2:31:52), Scanlan viciously mocked a duergar soldier to death with, “You ugly!  You ugly!  Yo momma says you ugly!”

Do you guys have any stats on Zahra’s dark dragon staff? Is it just a staff that looks pretty? I thought it was a magical item with some bonuses.

We don’t have any stats on it, sorry! We get the impression that it has a strong connection to the moon, but whether or not it is enhanced, all we can tell you is that it she uses it to channel her spells.

How many whispers have there been?

As of Episode 49, there have been 29.

How many times has each party member rolled a d20?

Short of using our All Rolls chart and counting by hand, that’s a task of such monumental proportions right now that we don’t know.  In some bright, distant future, we may have the capability to quickly search and sort through all of the rolls to get that kind of count, but it is not this day. (Though there may be some Critters out there who have already done the work for us!)

How much total damage did Percy do to the beholder in the Sunken Tomb?  How much damage did each of the characters do individually?  Who caused the most damage?

(Note: The answers to questions like these can always be found in our All Rolls database. Flip over to the table with the corresponding episode and look for the damage rolls for each PC throughout the game!)

  • 118 damage to the beholder
  • Total Damage Dealt (this includes damage to anything):
    • Percy 137
    • Zahra 109
    • Vax’ildan 105
    • Grog 95
    • Vex’ahlia 93
    • Kashaw 85
    • Keyleth 57
    • Scanlan 45
    • Trinket 4

How much damage has Vox Machina dealt?

As of Episode 49, here’s the amount of damage we have recorded for Vox Machina (not including kills that happened without a roll, or times when damage wasn’t announced):

  • Vax’ildan: 4246 Damage
  • Vex’ahlia: 4029 Damage
  • Grog: 3726 Damage
  • Percy: 3225 Damage
  • Keyleth: 2502 Damage
  • Scanlan: 1384 Damage
  • Pike: 457 Damage
  • Trinket: 284 Damage

How many times has Sam/Scanlan made a joke/said something creepy compared to everyone else?

Everyone’s definition of a joke and what is creepy is different, so these are a little too subjective for us to track.

Whatever happened to Scanlan’s scrying poo? Didn’t he have some in the keep?

There should still be some sitting in a jar in Greyskull Keep’s kitchen. He has one more use of the potion remaining, should he choose to use it.