Quick Answers 6

Lots of answers with lots of links today!  Happy 50th episode of Critical Role!

How many arrows has Vex shot?

As of Episode 49, 211 arrows. You can find all of Vex’s arrows tracked at: http://critrolestats.com/arrows-vm

How many in-game days went by between VM saving Whitestone from the skeleton horde and VM inviting Gern Blanston to Whitestone?

27 days. You can find all the in-game days tracked at: http://critrolestats.com/timepassed

Are there any possible ways to know which of the PC’s experience are gained through role-playing or combat?

Nope, the only people who know how many experience points they gained are Matt and the individual players.  Matt mentioned how he calculates XP here.

Has Sam ever used his advantage on spell concentration checks?

He did in Episode 39 (0:41:53) to successfully maintain concentration on Eyebite on the purple worm.  For other roll-related questions, check out our All Rolls chart.

Who’s Cyrus (the hanging man they found in the orc camp in Episode 49)?

Cornelius’ brother. Cornelius is the book binder-turned-pseudo leader of the Westruun refugee camp city.  You can find all of the NPCs, with descriptions, at our NPC List.

Scanlan previously had an AC of 17, but in the latest episode his AC was 16.  What happened?

Sam was missing his regular character sheet in Episode 49, so we’re guessing the one he used was a little out of date.

When did Grog infamously flick Vax?

Episode 34 (0:15:51). Vax bartered that to get a healing potion from Grog.

Do you know if they will be bringing back the critrole rings?

Considering their overwhelmingly positive sales and their simple but effective utility (seriously, guys, I rolled four Nat20s and nearly killed Kathatherine’s PC this weekend!), we’d be surprised if they aren’t eventually restocked. Merchandise questions should be directed to Geek & Sundry, though.

Did the beer guy from Wizard World panel (Dean) end up becoming an NPC?

Not yet.  Dean, your time will come!

What are the stats for Craven Edge?

We’ve got those in this post right here: http://critrolestats.com/post/140179420717/craven-edge

What did Vax give Vex that makes her more stealthy?

Vax gave Vex his Cloak of Elvenkind, which we detailed here: http://critrolestats.com/post/139067691927/i-where-just-wondering-if-there-is-somewhere

Is the Raven’s Slumber Crystal a homebrewed item?

From what we can tell, yes.

How do we know that Brimscythe was actually a part of the Chroma Conclave?

Matt confirmed it on Twitter.

Where can I find the goblin game?

It’ll be uploaded to Geek & Sundry’s website on Friday! Once it is, you can find the link to it and all other Critical Role one-shots on our page here.

How does Grog move 50 ft/turn?

According to the PHB (p49), a barbarian not wearing heavy armor automatically has an additional 10 ft of movement on their base race (Fast Movement). According to the Elemental Evil Players’ Companion (p11), a goliath has a base walking speed of 30 ft. This puts him at 40 ft, whether he is raging or not.   

Based on mid-game conversations, we get the impression that Matt allows Grog to travel faster during his rage. While there is nothing in the core 5e rules that grants this, it’s not too great a stretch to image both speed and strength being augmented by this state of mind. It’s also possible that they decided to give the goliath race extra speed based on their relative size to other humanoids, and they apply Fast Movement only during his rage.