Quick Answers 7

Clearing out the question queue again. FAQ to follow tomorrow!

Do you know why Pike has a scar on her face in the new intro?

We don’t. We assume it came to exist during events before the stream happened.

When did Vex say to Vax, “Yes, I get it, she’s so f***ing beautiful”?

Episode 43 (0:51:54)

When did Grog gain exhaustion going into Episode 50?  Why did he have a 3rd level of exhaustion disadvantage (saving throws and attacks) with only 2 levels of exhaustion?

Grog gained a point of exhaustion after his frenzied rage in Episode 49 (1:01:57), and gained another one after refusing to take a long rest between that and the adventure getting to the sphinx. Updated: Around 0:44:30 after the resurrection ritual in Ep50, Matt remarks on the “third point in that battle.” Unless Grog obtained it by some other means, we think Travis may have mistakenly made himself roll with exhaustion when he only needed to roll for ability checks, not saving throws, and Matt justified the roll after it happened by mentally adding a point. Regardless, we still found the result popcorn worthy.

Do you have a list of all the donations/Critmas gifts?

We do, right here!  We could use some help in filling in any gaps we have, or on name corrections.

What are the Scanlan songs that were expanded and turned into an album at the 50 episode Critmas?

Updated: We’d need to get a hold of the CD to be sure, though @callumtodd7 pointed us this direction: http://www.willcrosswait.com/critters

Do you have a list of all the magical items Vox Machina has found?

Not every item, but this list on Reddit compiled by BigTimmy053 likely has nearly everything you’re looking for.

Would the 50th episode of Critical Role and their one year anniversary have linked up had they not taken a few weeks off?

Nope. There are 52 weeks in a year, so with holidays, sick days, and other-things-are-happening days, it wasn’t going to happen.

In what episode did the cast get distracted talking at the beginning and the Overlord had to come and tell them to keep moving?

Episode 32, 0:07:20. Blame Fallout 4.

[item name]

….is not a question. We do occasionally publish articles on specific items, like the Deathwalker’s Ward or Craven Edge, if there’s enough hype about said item.

Do you have a source of the music that Matt uses as background?

He provided it here.

When will various party members level up next?

We have no way of knowing.

Would y'all potentially be able to tell me what each of the players’ most used kind of die is? (Like d20, d10, d6, etc)

We answered this before for dice of d12 or fewer sides, but on average, a d20 is always useful.