Quick Answers 8

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Which character has dealt the most damage in a single round of combat?

Keyleth, with her Pit of Doom™ swallowing four members of Grog’s herd and causing 332 damage (Ep51, 0:28:55). Behind that, we have her 294 damage from Fire Storm against the Wyverns and Lizardfolk (Ep42, 2:01:10), and Grog’s 140 damage against the Emon looters (Ep41, 1:54:24). Thanks to an anonymous critter for the reminder about Fire Storm!

(Note: We aren’t counting effects like Pike’s Destroy Undead, or Keyleth’s Sleet Storm or Tidal Wave for this because, come on. As high as the damage would be, at best we can only estimate the damage done against the skeletal hordes and fire elementals.)

From what item does Keyleth get her wisdom bonus?

It’s her Circlet, which was a homebrew item that gives her +2 Wisdom.

When did Osysa have her vision of the Chroma Conclave attacking Draconia?

Episode 43 (0:37:31)

How about the shipping moments between [character] and [other character]?

If you would like to track those moments for us, shoot us an email and we can get a page setup for that.

Has anyone ever explained what Keyleth’s deal was with Kima in the Underdark?

Not that we know of. The Critical Role subreddit has a number of theories, though.

Could you list the vestiges and their locations?

Matt did! But we did, too: critrolestats.com/vestiges. We’ll keep it updated with what we know about each vestige, including current owner, location, and attributes.

How many times has Scanlan obtained the services offered by a brothel since the start of the series?

Four times.

How many times has Vax killed someone on the first hit with Assassinate?

As of Episode 51—and not counting kills after interrogation or purposeful KOs—Vax has snuck up on and killed six different unsuspecting victims in one hit.

Stats on the Moon Hammer?

Grog has never used it, so we don’t have any.

Chase Scenes?

Could you be more specific? This is one of the instances where it really helps to submit your ask non-anonymously.

Do you have a separate character sheet for Trinket?

We don’t, but what we do know of Trinket’s stats are on Vex’s character sheet, since he’s an extension of Vex’s Rangers features.

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