Quick Answers 9

Some quick answers to tide you over for the weekend!

How many charges does Scanlan have left in the Wand of Fireballs?

One. He has 7 slots and he used six of them in the battle in Episode 52. The wand regains 1d6+1 charges each day at dawn.

What do we know about the Titanstone Knuckles?

What we know is from Matt’s Periscope today:

  • Wearer’s strength increases to 24.
  • Wearer can use the Enlarge spell on themselves once per long rest
    • We saw Kevdak use this when he cracked the Knuckles together in Episode 51 (2:27:05)
  • Deals double damage to structures.

I have other questions about Episode 52!

We’ll answer most of those on Monday, once we’ve had the chance to have a weekend and then rewatch the episode.

Question I had after rewatching most of the Whitestone arc: Over the course of that story, Percy picked up two points of corruption. One was specifically healed on-screen, but I don’t remember if they ever said what became of the other. Do you know if it was considered dealt with after the events of that story, or did it just sort of linger?

It was never specifically said, though enough time passed between the demise of the Briarwoods and when the game picked up at Winter’s Crest that it’s safe to say that the remaining point would have been absolved.

How do Vax’s daggers return to him?

The Blinkback Belt, an item that carried over from the group’s days playing Pathfinder.

What allows Vax to add his dex modifier on the damage for his offhand weapon?

We’re actually not sure that he does!  On Liam’s character sheet, he has +6 for all his daggers’ damage (+7 for the Keen Dagger). In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, the dex modifier is added to the attack of an offhand weapon, but not the damage, unless the character has the Two-Weapon Fighting feature. Whenever these daggers are used as an offhand weapon, the damage bonus should be +1 (+2 for the Keen Dagger).

If he is adding his dex bonus on the offhand damage, it likely stuck around after the transition from Pathfinder. Vax has taken the Dual-Wielder feat, which adds +1 to his AC when wielding two weapons, allows him to wield two weapons even if one or both is not a light weapon, and allows him to draw and stow two weapons simultaneously. Rogues do not get the Two-Weapon Fighting feature; however, it’s believable that someone trained in the way of blades would be just as proficient with both hands and would be able to do the same amount of damage with both.  Also, without that component, we would never have Dagger Dagger Dagger! However, he may be subtracting his dex bonus for the offhand dagger without us knowing about it, making the above justification moot.

Would you guys happen to have any ideas as to what it would take to create a refrigerated bag of holding, like the one Vex carries from The Slayer’s Take?

Nope! The good news about D&D is that you can modify whatever you want to work in your world. If you’re the DM, decide if you want your pocket dimension to be time locked, refrigerated, or some other means of preservation, and just go from there. If the players want to build their own, you get to decide what parts they need to get it started!

Revivify mechanics?

Revivify must be cast within one minute. Three individuals lend their aid to the ritual, with those DCs differing based on what they attempt to do. The DM’s resurrection DC starts at 10, and is decreased by 3 on each PC success and increased by 2 on each PC failure. The DM then rolls a straight D20 to determine if the soul returns.

Update: Matt said in this reddit thread that he’s changed the DC penalty for failures from +2 to +1. Successes still decrease the final DC by 3.

Most family friendly (least swears) episode?  I want to introduce the show to my 5 year old nephew.

Unfortunately, number of swears is something that we don’t track.  There are some critters out there who have children who watch the show, so we’d recommend reaching out to them for advice on introducing the show to your nephew. That said, if you ARE trying to get kids into tabletop RPG, here are but a few resources to get them started: WotC on DMing for kids, Monster Slayers Mini Campaign, Hero Kids System

How many HDYWTDT have resulted from Natural 20s?

There have been, as of Episode 52, ten HDYWTDT that resulted from Natural 20 rolls:

  • Grog (Ep04, 2:46:37) Bulette
  • Percy (Ep08, 2:39:07) Abyssal Abomination
  • Percy (Ep29, 3:21:24) Sir Kerrion Stonefell
  • Trinket (Ep31 p2, 1:32:10) Count Tylieri (shared with Keyleth)
  • Percy (Ep33 p1, 2:00:15) Professor Anders
  • Grog (Ep35 p1, 2:01:41) Orthax (shared with Trinket)
  • Zahra (Ep44, 4:14:48) Beholder
  • Grog (Ep49, 1:27:05) War Chief
  • Grog (Ep52, Unknown) Kevdak
  • Grog (Ep52, Unknown) Greenbeard

You posted that Percy still had one 1st level spell, but Percy cast Hex during Episode 52.

True.  The post that this critter is referring to was originally posted before the episode aired, and we’re guessing that this person saw it and thought we had posted it as Vox Machina’s stats after the episode.

Do you know how many stickers are on the bottom of Sam’s mug?

We don’t; he’s been sent a bunch, but we have no way of knowing what all he’s put on there.

What do we know about the Raven’s Slumber Crystal (AKA Vex’s Poké Ball)?

  • The Raven’s Slumber Crystal is a gateway to a tiny pocket plane.  
  • It can contain one, ‘not too big’ creature indefinitely
  • The user has to have contact with whatever they want to put in it 
    • If the creature is unwilling, it has to make a saving throw to resist being encased.
    • It takes an action to encase a creature in the crystal or release something from it.  
  • The creature in the crystal does not age, feel pain, and does not need to make saving throws.