Ranked Stats of 38: Echoes of the Past

With the number of ranking-based stats we have, we decided to switch up our format just a little bit. Instead of simply posting the crits of each week, we’re going to also post the latest episodes’ relevant running stats, as well. The Rankings and Running Stats of the full show will always be available here, but now you’ll also be able to see the relevant ranked stats of each week right here. Enjoy!

Total Gameplay Time:  2:40:44

Criticals: 10

Critical Wins

  • Vex'ahlia (2:16:04) Dex save vs. Force cage trap
  • Scanlan (2:17:45) Dex save to escape Force cage
  • Percy (2:18:52) Investigation check of Krieg’s upper floor
  • Percy (2:30:54) Perception check of gem in skull
  • Keyleth (2:46:41) Perception check vs. cave

Critical Fails

  • Trinket (2:11:34) Perception check with nose (Unstated, negated by disadvantage)
  • Grog (2:25:54) History check on On’karell (sp?)
  • Vex'ahlia (2:39:50) Perception check vs. secret stairway
  • Vex'ahlia (2:41:48) Survival check for tracks around teleporter

DM Rolls

  • Kaylee (Nat1, 1:27:21) Attack vs. Scanlan

Kills: 1

  • Grog (0:29:11) Riskel Daxio


PC KOs: 0