Rankings Updated, and Thanksgiving Week Announcements

http://critrolestats.com/rankings has been updated through Episode 33. Don’t forget to check it out every Tuesday after an episode; we update all of our stats and rankings for running projects there after the episodes are available on Youtube.

As a reminder, there is no new Critical Role this week (yeah, sorry, sad fact is sad). However, CritRoleStats is thankful to have a chance to catch up on our backlog. Starting tomorrow, from Nov 25 through Dec 1, we’ll launch a Monster Analysis each day from episodes pasts, including several monsters who were hinted at without actually becoming encounters. Hopefully those, combined with incoming gifs, an awesome podcast, Critter art and fanfiction, your own D&D game, and other Geek and Sundry novelties (including the weekly comic and Spotify playlists) will be enough to tide you over for the off week!

And assuming that isn’t enough and you need to rewatch old episodes, we would always welcome help logging various stats from old episodes. If that sounds like something of interest, take a look at a goal or two from here, keep an eye or ear out during your rewatch, and send us mail. Thanks!