Raven Queen Moments

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cipherponyjinx asked: How many times has Vax interacted with the Raven Queen and when?

Anonymous asked: Given the revelation that Vax is now multiclassing as a paladin, can we get a list of all the Raven Queen moments?

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20 Trial of the Take Part 3

  • (0:52:27) Matt: The Duskmeadow falls under the watchful eye of the Raven Queen.
  • (0:52:45) Matt: And you’ve heard mentioned before of a few of the things that exist here, that being the Raven’s Crest, which is the main temple to the Raven Queen…
  • (1:18:28) The Bastion the party asks for information serves the Raven Queen.
  • (1:19:30) Tiberius: May we seek audience with this Raven Queen?  Keyleth: I mean, she’s like a goddess.  Tiberius: Oh, she’s not, like, here?  Keyleth: I mean, she’s not like a queen. She’s like a goddess.

21 Trial of the Take Part 4

  • (1:04:48) Duskmeadow Bastions are described as being “from the section of Vasselheim that worships the Raven Queen.”
  • (1:08:28) Kashaw: Are all the guards that come [into the abandoned parts of the prison] Bastions of the Raven Queen?

42 Dangerous Dealings

  • (3:26:15) Matt: And then there is the Duskmeadow, which is the Raven Queen’s domain.  Liam: What was the Duskmeadow again? Is that where we chased the Rakshasa?  Matt: That is where the Amaranthyne Oubliette resides, which is the prison of the city.
  • (3:36:43) Taliesin: I may wanna have a conversation at the temple of the Raven Queen about some stuff.
  • (3:37:32) Taliesin: I’m gonna go to the temple of the Raven Queen.

43 Return to Vasselheim

  • (3:39:33) Groon: The other [vestige], leathers adorned by the champion of the Raven Queen.

44 The Sunken Tomb

  • (0:10:48) Matt: And the other happened to be some sort of Deathwalker’s leather that belonged to a champion of the Raven Queen.
  • (0:13:08) Keyleth: Where are these leathers then, from the Raven Queen?
  • (0:26:54) Matt: There is one tome that seems to talk specifically about the history of the Raven Queen’s rise here in the city.
  • (0:29:00) Matt: And the Raven Queen did have a number of chosen champions as part of this endeavor.
  • (0:32:11) Matt: One of the highest of the order of the Raven Queen, that fought in her name, was named Purvan. […] Purvan Suul is the full name, though the name was given to the Raven Queen at the time of signing itself to the order in which they become nameless. […] The name is part of the gift they give to the Raven Queen when they swear themselves to her. […] As the Raven Queen’s fellowship began to fall out of favor after the divergence had happened. […] Because her realm is death, during times of great conflict and strife, there is great power and a lot of energy given towards the Raven Queen.
  • (2:20:02) Keyleth: Maybe this was some sort of offering to the Raven Queen?  Vex: F***, the Raven Queen. Right, that makes sense.
  • (2:35:57) Matt: This being a tomb of a champion of the Raven Queen, looking at this you gather this is the symbol of the Raven Queen.
  • (4:30:31) Vax to the Raven Queen: Take me instead, you raven b****. […] Matt: As it gets closer and closer, the presence is different. What you feared was Vesh is not Vesh, actually. It is an image, a spectre, of the Raven Queen herself. […] The vision of the Raven Queen nods the head to you, steps backward, and the spectre vanishes.
  • (4:39:13) Matt: It is a tale of the creation of the Raven Queen. It is a tale of her ascendance from mortal to immortal.

45 Those Who Walk Away…

  • (0:09:37) Matt: You all went to seek the first bit of information you discovered about one of these vestiges not too far from Vasselheim, this seemingly champion of the Raven Queen’s armor…
  • (0:19:14) Keeper Yennen: This carries the mark of the Raven Queen.
  • (0:23:57) Vex: It was buried with the Raven Queen’s champion. I mean, it could be incredibly dangerous!
  • (0:25:54) Matt: Although, it does speak of Purvan, the champion of the Raven Queen, keeping with him an ally.
  • (0:27:01) Vex: I thought the Raven Queen was not good.  Percy: No, the Raven Queen…  Keyleth: She’s kind of, like, neutral.
  • (0:27:24) Matt: The general essence of the Raven Queen, she is both loved and feared in equal parts. She does not lord over the afterlife, the underworld, whatever you may call it. She lords over the moment and the transition of death, which is largely considered neither a good nor evil, just a natural force.
  • (0:52:19) Keyleth: If I had to guess, it was probably the Raven Queen herself.
  • (1:09:55) Vax: All I know is that I felt her. I don’t know magic. I don’t know anything. I open doors and, only when the wind is blowing in the right direction, sometimes, I think. I don’t know what happened. But I felt her.  Keyleth: Do you still feel her?
  • (1:51:00) Keyleth: Your master died a great champion for the Raven Queen. He has been paid a great honor and now the Raven Queen has chosen a new master.
  • (1:53:09) Keyleth: Look into his eyes and see the touch of the Raven Queen inside him.

47 The Family Business

  • (0:53:35) Vax has a dream in which he is visited by the Raven Queen.

48 Enter the Frostweald

  • (1:29:09) Vex talks to Vax about him avoiding Pike because of the Raven Queen. She goes over her research from the book to try and ease his mind: Those that follow her must hold no pity for those that suffer and die, for death is the natural enemy of life. That’s not bad. Bring down the proud, who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Queen, you must punish hubris wherever you find it. Bring down those who try to cast off the chains of fate. The Raven Queen represents death, right? Therefore, she hates those who live an immortal life. […] Watch for the courts of Orcus and stamp them out whenever they arise. Orcus is bad! If she hates him, then she must not be that terrible.
  • (3:18:28) Vax sneaks away from the group to commune with the Raven Queen. She beckons him to her temple in Vasselheim.

49 A Name is Earned

  • (2:25:45) Vax asks Scanlan to “stay away from blackbirds for a while” in regards to his polymorph forms.
  • (3:14:31) Upon noticing the webs of the phase spiders, Liam asks if they remind Vax of anything he’s seen in his dreams, referencing the visions he received from the Raven Queen.

50 Best Laid Plans…

  • (0:37:30) Vax prays to the Raven Queen to save Grog as a part of the Revivify ritual, telling her that he “will set aside [his] reservations and serve [her]” if she allows Grog to live.
  • (0:38:36) Matt: All you see is the white, porcelain face of the Raven Queen step out of the darkness, as her hand comes out and touches the side of your cheek. And a voice in your head, a familiar voice, says, “I believe that every death has its place.”
  • (2:52:33) When Keyleth polymorphs Percy into a crow and beast shapes into one herself in order to scout Westrunn, Vex tells Vax, “Look, your god is here to help us.”

52 The Kill Box

  • (1:41:15) Liam: [Vax’s AC is] 22. Daggers out, hasted, Raven Queen armor. F*** y’all!

53 At Dawn, We Plan!

  • (2:59:33) Vax talks to the Raven Queen while staring at a wall, saying that maybe he does believe in fate now because Vex stealing a broom ended up saving them all.

54 In the Belly of the Beast

  • (1:30:08) Keyleth: I know you feel like you’re drowning, and I’m sorry that the Raven Queen chose you. But, she did choose you.

55 Umbrasyl

  • (0:44:42) Liam: I’d like to take a chance to say here that when I went into this dragon, I was lost and a wanderer. And as I am sh*t out its side, I come forth a paladin of the Raven Queen. […] And the last thing I’m thinking as I shoot out this hole in its side is, “If you have any wings to lend me, now is the time.”
  • (1:05:28) Matt: As you concentrate on the acceptance you’ve made to the Raven Queen and the understanding that, perhaps, if there is a chance to survive, let it be through this leap of faith you’ve taken in the direction of an entity that you’ve been so fearful of and scoffed at since she came to you in your dreams. A moment you see the feathers begin to trail off and subside from beneath your cloak and a voice whispers in your ear and says, “Left.”

56 Hope

  • (0:43:40) Vax to Vex: I could rescind my deal with an all-powerful deity and let you fall to the ground…
  • (0:51:06) Vex: My brother serves death, Keyleth.
  • (3:38:50) Keyleth: Why do you need to go back to Vasselheim right now? Vax: I’m not done with her.
  • (3:40:18) Pike to Vax: I know that you’ve been avoiding me and I just have to say, I don’t know who or what this Raven Queen is and I think that’s what scares me the most, but if you’re choosing a life of faith or whatever you want this to be, I’m happy for you.
  • (3:44:46) Pike: If the Raven Queen f***s with you or hurts you or doesn’t change you for the better, then she’s going to have to deal with me and we’re going to have a problem.

57 Duskmeadow

  • (0:14:29) Scanlan asks Vax where he wants to go, and Vax says needs to go to the temple of the Raven Queen, Raven’s Crest. The whole group volunteers to go with him.
  • (0:29:02) After talking briefly with Vanessa at the Slayer’s Take, Grog asks what’s next, and Vex says Vax should ”go see the Raven Queen and we’ll wait outside.”
  • (0:52:35) Vex: She’s just gonna love you so much and, who knows, you might have a new girlfriend when you come out. I’ve heard other people have dated gods before. I’ve heard it’s done.
  • (1:04:52 - 01:16:00) Vax communes with the Raven Queen in which he gives himself to her completely as her champion, and she explains to him what exactly that means.
  • (1:19:50) Vax and Keyleth debate on whether or not it was fate that led him to the Raven Queen. Vax believes that it was fate that led him there, and Keyleth tells him that while she may not be the best person to ask about it, she thinks that the Raven Queen is a great opportunist, and that it wasn’t the Raven Queen that made Vax special.
  • (1:23:31) Vex to Vax: Is that blood? Is that blood all over you? Did she hurt you?
  • (1:39:09) Scanlan: He’s crazy. Did you get him drunk or something? Grog: People respond to fear differently.  Keyleth: He kind of saw the face of a god.
  • (1:49:49 - 2:04:56) Percy communes with the Raven Queen. He asks, "Did it choose me because I was broken, or did it break me?” She tells him he’s always been broken.
  • (2:05:29) As a joke, Sam says he’d like to go to the Raven Queen when Matt asks if there’s anything else that anyone wants to do before the end of the day.
  • (2:06:38) Vex notices a bit of blood on Percy and figures out he went to talk to the Raven Queen.
  • (2:07:22) Vex stays up and reads the book she bought about the Raven Queen.
  • (3:27:57) Vex gives Vax a once-over to make sure he got all the blood off him from the Raven’s Crest communion pool, and asks if he’s doing okay.
  • (3:28:28) Vex tells Percy quietly that he still has a bit of blood behind his ear. He then asks Vex to take a walk with him, which she does, and they do a walk around the city to check on the remaining temples. They return to the castle, Percy finds Zahra and tells her that he’s put an old crypt in her name and request that she create a shrine to the Raven Queen. When Vex asks who it’s for, he replies that it’s for Vax.

58 A Cycle of Vengeance

  • (1:02:25) Vax thanks the Raven Queen for his family as he casts Lay On Hands on himself.
  • (2:13:03) Vax tells Gilmore that the Deathwalker’s Ward belongs to a god.
  • (2:14:18) Gilmore reveals that Vax can now use raven wings out the back of the Deathwalker’s Ward for up to an hour once a day.
  • (2:42:02) Vax casts Lay On Hands on himself and prays to the Raven Queen to try and alleviate the curse put on him by the Rakshasa.
  • (3:02:41) During her conversation with Keyleth, Pike says that going to Raven’s Crest was interesting, and that the Raven Queen herself seemed very interesting to her because of how involved the Raven Queen seems to be compared to some other gods, like Sarenrae, and maybe the Raven Queen is so involved because Vax has given himself to her fully.

63 The Echo Tree

  • (3:39:25) Matt: The raven-like, dagger-wielding champion of the Raven Queen leaps up and finds himself face-to-face with Saundor, blades out.

64 The Frigid Doom

  • (1:52:27) Matt: And now you see, standing before you, is a mostly-constructed shrine to the Raven Queen.
  • (1:57:57) Vax: I’m on board. You have me. Whatever you will. I have something I need to take care of, which you know, and I hope you will help me with it. But I do not take your gift lightly. You have me.
  • (3:49:32) Vax privately starts thanking the Raven Queen for ushering Tiberius to the other side.

65 The Streets of Ank’Harel

  • (0:12:16) Vax to Keyleth: Between my new patron and my sister pretending to gag literally every time we attempt to share a word together…
  • (0:14:57) Keyleth: I was terrified I was going to lose you. First, to death, then to the Raven Queen, which is still kind of like death.

70 Trust

  • (1:33:45) Vax goes to speak to the Raven Queen in the makeshift temple in Whitestone.
  • (2:09:13) Vax: I spoke … I communed with my deity.  Vex and Keyleth (spookily): The Raven Queen.
  • (2:13:00) Vax to Percy: I don’t know what to make of my conversation with “the higher power.” I asked about Yenk and I asked what we should do and she talked about the sphinxes.

72 The Elephant in the Room

  • (1:06:08) Vax: You know, sometimes I feel like she is right there with me. I ask questions, and I know the answers, but most of the time I don’t know anything. Does the balance ever shift?  Pike: No, not really. That’s part of what’s great about it is you just put your trust into them and everything turns out okay.