Rimefang vs. Rakshasa

First thing to get out of the way is that comparing the two assignments are like apples and oranges. Team 1 was far more optimal to face an adult white dragon: they were a powerful group of damage dealers who were best-equipped for the journey to the cave, then handle both the punishment received and fire-power needed to bring him down. Team 2 was equally optimally composed to deal with the machinations of a sly, city-dwelling demon, with their magical arsenal and a spellcaster able to counter its greatest spells.

The biggest difference between the two fights was the price of failure. Rimefang wasn’t going anywhere; it was him or a TPK. The battle there was who could deal more damage first, which Zahra handled in spades by not only dealing the most damage, but also by preventing the frost giants from assisting Rimefang. Grog’s ability to cross the entire map and frenzy-act saved two party members from leaving the show (the barbarian on support, guys!). The magical abilities of the rest of the party, as well as Percy’s firepower, were also far-better spent on the non-resistant dragon. Any fewer than 6 in the party would have been felt.

The rakshasa battle had two options for failure: TPK (unlikely) or letting it get away (very likely). The rakshasa battle required a bit more strategy and coordination with the team to make sure it didn’t get the upper hand. The lack of legendary actions and a mostly useless assistant made it easier to fight in a damage race, but the saving throws mattered more here than dealing damage. Additionally, flushing it out, keeping it in reach, and avoiding the traps to corner it were also paramount.

That’s probably enough commentary on the latest boss fights for now. We’ll return to your regularly-scheduled statistics tomorrow!