Scanlan’s Magnificent Mansion

Anonymous asked: Scanlan’s mansion provides some of the funniest role play from the cast, as well as some of the best moments in the series. Could you list in which episodes Scanlan has cast his glorious mansion?

Scanlan’s house is a very, very, very fine house! It’s got all the chicken you could ever want (and then more chicken beyond that), a spa that can handle an explosion of raw sodium, a kitchen ripe for destroying, a deranged family photo hanging above the fireplace…who could ask for anything more?

Times the mansion has been used: 10

47 The Family Business

  • (0:13:23) VM’s first trip to the mansion. Scanlan has his chest hair braided, Grog punches a cow, Vex learns to fly, Percy and Keyleth catch up on their reading, Keyleth has a conversation with Cerkonos, Vax dreams of the Raven Queen, Grog dreams of finally impressing Kevdak, VM has their first chickenful breakfast.

48 Into the Frostweald

  • (1:25:00) Pike’s first trip to the mansion. Scanlan talks to Pike about Craven Edge, Vex and Vax talk about the Raven Queen, Percy starts crafting a brooch for Vax, Vex has chicken target practice and shoots Scanlan in the neck.

49 A Name is Earned

  • (0:31:10) VM helps the captives escape the orcs into the mansion, Grog has a conversation with Craven Edge, VM has a breakfast of chicken and boar.  

50 Best Laid Plans…

  • (1:08:14) Percy works on the broom seat with Vex’s help, Grog reunites with the Firebrand Warhammer, VM has a chickenful breakfast, Scanlan writes a note.
  • (2:11:20) Percy continues work on the broom seat, Keyleth begins the process of brewing a Protection from Energy potion, Scanlan gives the note to Pike with instructions to not read it until he’s dead, Pike closes the door and reads the note immediately, everyone discusses Umbrasyl and how to proceed over chicken breakfast.

53 At Dawn, We Plan!

  • (0:50:12) Wilhand is very impressed by the mansion, Scanlan asks for Pike’s hand in marriage, Keyleth trains with Fassbender, Grog tries out the Bloodaxe and Titanstone Knuckles, Pike rearms the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, VM plans how to handle Umbrasyl and the Herd of Storms, Scanlan proposes to Pike, Vax talks to the Raven Queen while facing a wall, Pike and Scanlan have a meaningful conversation.

56 Hope

  • (0:36:15) VM has a delightful chicken dinner, Percy fixes his gun, Vax gets his boots back from Vex, Vex has a conversation with Keyleth about potential little druid babies, everyone but Vax has a cannonball contest in the spa, VM has a chicken breakfast, Grog details how he discovered how the magical jug works.

59 Into the Feywild

  • (1:41:29) VM talks to Garmelie, Percy looks through Garmelie’s sketchbook (and sees what is likely Saundor!), Percy is Charmed by Garmelie and consequently gets VM to agree to make a deal, Vax gives Garmelie the feather he was gifted by the Raven Queen, Garmelie describes what VM needs to avoid in the Feywild, Pike steals Garmelie’s ocarina, Percy realizes he was Charmed, Vex and Percy have a late-night conversation, Pike commissions a family portrait from Garmelie, Pike gives the ocarina to Scanlan.

63 The Echo Tree

  • (0:42:33) VM test out the Shademirk muck, Percy and Keyleth create swamp shoes, Scanlan inspires with some…motivational… quotes, Vex keeps an eye on the Shademirk Bog, Grog destroys the mansion kitchen, Grog beats up the cow again, Grog and Triceratops!Scanlan train and fail to ‘upgrade’ their vestiges, VM plans how to handle Saundor, Vax and Vex have a conversation, VM has a chicken breakfast without plates or silverware, everyone puts on their terrible swamp shoes.

65 The Streets of Ank’Harel

  • (1:51:41) The mansion is back in order, Vex has trouble sleeping, Scanlan plays a card game by himself, Vex and Vax have a conversation after Vax fails to stealth past her door, VM has a fair chicken feast including chicken ravioli.

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