Scanlan’s Songs

@Markus2002 asked: What songs does Scanlan sing? What are the effects?

Sam Riegel (and by extension, Scanlan Shorthalt) is a very musical individual. Below is the list of all of Sam’s songs, including his inspirational tunes, his trademark variations on real-world songs, and his harmonization with the mood music. Last Update: Episode 25

Total musical moments: 94

Number of times sang along to BGM: 7

NOTE: Due to popular demand, Scanlan songs will be regularly updated on this page. Enjoy!

Episode 1

  • (0:39:48) Scanlan whistles Healing Words to awaken (and annoy) Balgus.
  • (1:23:04) Scanlan plays “a rousing, jaunty, bear-like tune” to inspire Keyleth-bear.
  • (1:23:50) “Oh, look over there, it’s a bear!” Continued inspiration of Keyleth-bear.
  • (1:52:32) “Hello, hello, we’re here to pay you calling…” Scanlan prepares the party’s greeting to Greyspine Manor.
  • (2:59:10) “It would help me to acquire some dice to inspire…” Scanlan inspiring himself.
  • (3:00:03, 3:00:28) Scanlan hits the high note for the HTYWTDT.

Episode 2

  • (0:23:42) Scanlan plays a tune “not to distract, but accompany” the drinks Vox Machina will share with Lord Greyspine as Vax steals wine.
  • (0:26:05) “Scanlan make you feel good, Scanlan make you feel real good…” Song of Rest before heading into the mines.
  • (1:50:34) “No, motherf***er, miss!” Scanlan’s Cutting Words to aid Grog vs. Umberhulk.
  • (1:54:22) “Magic, magic, go away, come again another day.” Scanlan’s countercharm song. Ineffective, since it is a confusion effect.
  • (2:07:34) Singing to the battle music playing in the background.
  • (2:12:49) “Du-alew-alew!” Inspiration to Percy (followed by song on phone).
  • (2:40:32) Scanlan plays his flute, summoning an “ass-cloud.”
  • (2:50:13) “Wake up, Groooooog!” Failed attempt to bring Grog back from his coma.
  • (2:50:53) Inspiring Vax with an electric flute.

Episode 3 (Thanks to @banjelerp)

  • (0:27:39) “You know you got to cure Grog…” Song to inspire Keyleth to revive Grog.
  • (0:34:47) Song of Rest (Scanlan only, no actual Sam singing)
  • (1:41:10) “Hey, baby, hey, baby, hey! Dwarves say, dwarves say…” Inspiration for the Vax and Tiberius as they prepare their bridge scheme.
  • (2:31:20) “When I get that feelin’, I want Klarota Healin’…” Healing Klarota. (Also, one of the best Scanlan songs in the whole series.)

Episode 4

  • (0:19:39) Scanlan sings absentmindedly while stealthing.
  • (1:09:12) “Just doing my vocal warmups. Mi mi mi mi MI MI mi mi miiiii!”
  • (1:20:40) “I didn’t see the Vax!” Inspiration for a soon-to-be stealthing Vax.
  • (2:08:39) Singing to the battle music playing in the background.
  • (2:30:34) Inspiration to Pike via “electric flute” rift and pelvic thrusting.
  • (2:36:25) Failed Cutting Words vs. Bullete with phone.

Episode 6 (Thanks to @markus2002)

  • (0:52:55) “Da da da…” Absent-mindedly humming to himself, blowing a stealth roll.
  • (1:32:05) Singing to the battle music playing in the background.
  • (2:30:10) “I’m gonna give some healing to you…” To heal first-met Kima.
  • (2:50:50) “I start humming Kumbaya!” To ease the tension between Kima and Clarota.

Episode 7 (Thanks to arosebyabbie and @markus2002)

  • (0:29:03) “We’re walking down a hall. Nobody’s watchin’ us.” Random song while stealthing with Clarota.
  • (2:07:58) “Heal the Vax, Make him a better elf for you and for me and for the entire adventuring band. There are duergar dying. If you cared enough for the adventuers, you’d bring Vax back to help us with the stabby stab.” Healing song for Vax.
  • (2:31:52) “You ugly. You ugly. Your mama says you ugly. You ugly. You ugly. Your mama says you ugly.” Vicious Mockery song/chant vs. duergar. (And it was GLORIOUS.)
  • (2:51:10) “I want to sing a song of inspiration, of inspiration.” Inspiration song for Vax.
  • (2:52:21) “Dodge that sexy attack, white boy.” Cutting Words song vs. King Merdon.

Episode 8

  • (0:43:37) “Where ever you go, whatever damage they’ve done, we will be right here waiting for you…” Inspiration as Pike attempts to heal Vax’s burned foot for the first time.
  • (2:25:18) “And that’s the power of love!” Sam singing after rolling high for a temporarily absent Ashley.
  • (2:35:10) Singing to the battle music playing in the background.

Episode 9

  • (0:56:14) “Ooooh, don’t hit me!” Cutting words to avoid attack duergar.
  • (1:00:55) “Yeeeeeeeaah!” Still singing about the deurgar.
  • (2:06:45) “Push it real good” To Grog as he moves a boulder.
  • (2:37:10) “I’m on a boat motherf****r” to Percy as he tinkers, mending the boat. (One of the few time Scanlan can’t think of a song and panics. Inspiration reduced to D6!)

Episode 10

  • (0:57:26) Singing to the battle music playing in the background.
  • (1:11:53) “Talk to the haaaaand!” Bigby’s grasping hand vs. cloaker.
  • (1:21:15) “When you’re trying to skin a cloaker, here’s some inspiration…” Inspiring Percy to skin a cloaker.
  • (2:01:46) “Gnome makes you want to, check out Grog’s bod” Attempted suggestion on Kima. (It did not work.)
  • (2:20:41) “Scry, scy, Miss Keyleth, scry…” Inspiring Keyleth before scrying on K’Varn.
  • (2:56:10) “There are giants in the sky…” When the Fomorian appears… Underground.

Episode 11 (Thanks to @markus2002 for pt2)

  • (0:36:40) Flute trilling to inspire Vax.
  • (1:57:35) “I can show you the world” as the party approaches K’varn’s temple.
  • (2:13:50) “Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re making an arrow,” assisting Percy in making arrows.
  • (2:51:10) “You dropped the bomb on me” as Tiberius prepares to drop Tiny.
  • (2:52:12) “And so I come to you with inspiration” Scanlan distributing Inspiration before the battle with K’Varn.
  • (3:42:15) ‘So I come to you with healing words’ Healing Grog.
  • (4:10:40) 'Blinded by the light’ casting blind on K'varn (failed).
  • (4:27:35) 'Hey baby, hey baby, hey!’ to heal Pike.

Episode 13

  • (0:49:42) “Grappled and stunned, so grappled and stunned” Done so by Clarota.
  • (1:21:52) “And now I come to you, with Dimension Door,” Teleporting himself and Pike out of the Mind Flayer’s temple.
  • (01:44:53, 01:45:52) “Bigby’s hand!” Grabbing the dangling temple spire and throwing it at the Elder Brain.

Episode 15

  • (0:44:30) “Tinkerin’ on a Prayer!” To inspire Percy’s grappling arrow construction.”
  • (2:21:20) “Bum bum bumbumbum!” In response to Laura asking where the music went.
  • (2:28:52) “And I’ll cast BIGBY’s HAAAAND! Bigby’s hand, you know it!”
  • (2:30:43) “Elvish people on the shiiip tonight, everybody just have a good fight!” To inspire Vex’s archery skills.

Episode 16

  • (0:22:33) “I’m dreaming of a white… Whatever-we-celebrate!” Snow fals as the airship nears Vasselheim
  • (1:12:49) “Primeval Awareness, Yeah.” Vex prepares Primeval Awareness.
  • (1:13:11) “Primeval Awareness, Over.” Vex ends Primeval Awareness.
  • (1:34:40) “OoOOooh, shut up and shoot that hole!” Inspiration to Vex.
  • (1:57:29) Flute trills for Song of Rest over short rest.
  • (2:11:18) Singing to the battle music playing in the background.

Episode 17

  • (0:18:34) “How do I say goodbye to what we almost had?” A goodbye song to Pike as he poops in her temple.
  • (2:10:51) “And the ranger’s gonna range, range, range, range…” Inspiration to Vex.
  • (2:42:36) “It’s BIGBY’S HAAAAND. You know it!” Punching the Hydra.
  • (2:43:44) “Oh, come on, Grog, you know what I mean!” Inspiration for Grog.

Episode 18 (Thanks to AshesOfValkana)

  • (0:14:10) “Boom, clap! The sound of your gun, the beat goes on and on…” Inspiration for Percy while looking for a forge to make the holy hand grenade.
  • (1:40:20) “No I don’t wanna get hurt… by you!” Cutting Words vs. Orc (still failed to avoid the hit).
  • (1:53:35) “I raise my hand to Lyra and say, that you could use some Scanlan today, tonight I give you a d10” Inspiration to Lyra during the battle with the orcs.
  • (2:34:00) “The more you know” for the 15 is better than 12 discussion, OOC.

Episode 19 (Thanks to AshesOfValkana)

  • (0:28:40) “Oh, you so scary, oh you so scary, oh you so scary, you fight-y long time!” Inspiration for Zahra while fighting the Frost Giants
  • (2:01:35) “BAD NEEEEEEEEWS!” Percy brings out Bad News.
  • (2:04:57) Singing to the battle music playing in the background.
  • (2:17:40) “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s ALDOR-e!” Inspiration for Lyra while fighting Rimefang.
  • (2:37:20) “It’s Bigby’s Hand, Bigby’s Hand, *unintelligible noises*” and then he PUNCHES THE DRAGON.
  • (3:23:18) “She has a right to be hellish, she still feels jealous!” During Zahra’s hellish rebuke.

Episode 23

  • (0:54:22) “It’s the, eye of the Goliath, it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of that asshole!” Inspiration for Grog while fighting Kern.
  • (1:23:59) “With your arms, and your fists, and your legs, and your wrists. It’s in your head, in your head, you are fighting!” Inspiration for the final round of the fight.

Episode 24

  • (1:05:36) “Sheeeeerri, baby, Sherri, won’t you come home tonight…” Scanlan’s “love song” to Sherri in payment for Keyleth’s books.
  • (2:38:30) “Do you want to build a machine gun?” “Why yes, I really doooo.” Inspiring a tinkering Percy.
  • (3:38:20) Mos Eisley Cantina flute music to assist Tiberius’s show.

Episode 25 (Thanks to @MarktheHooman)

  • (1:05:16) “Oh, that Vax elf…” First attempt to use Healing Words for Vax
  • (1:10:00) “Oh, that Vax elf, got bit by vampires…” Successful Healing Words for Vax.
  • (1:11:46) “Hey there, Delilah, won’t you listen to me, because I’m about to cast a spell on you…” Suggestion on Lady Briarwood to have “an unquenchable urge to makeout with her husband.”
  • (1:21:59) “Distractioooooooon, DISTRACTION!” Cutting Words on Lord Briarwood.
  • (1:36:34) “Can you feel the blood toniiiiiiight?” Inspiration to Keyleth.
  • (2:58:01) “Rock-a-bye, old lady…” Eyebite to put old lady to sleep.
  • (3:18:30) Musical fart to inspire Tiberius to kill the old lady.