Shop at Gilmore’s!

metrognomefamily asked: How many times has the group told people to go to Gilmore’s Glorious Goods?               

Fun fact: Vox Machina receives a 10% discount on all items from Gilmore’s Glorious Goods, and advertised for the store in 10% of Critical Role episodes! Updated to Episode 80.

Thanks to @allessier, @c_diercks, @ChrisVLinden, @dutchcritter, Eric R., @SilentEnGee, and other critters for their work compiling this list!

Times that Vox Machina advertised for Gilmore’s Glorious Goods: 8

24 The Feast

  • (2:17:37) Vex’ahlia: Also, Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!  Scanlan: Oh, yes!  Gilmore’s: if you’re ever Overdark, come check it out, it’s a great, great store.

25 Crimson Diplomacy

  • (2:34:02) Scanlan: One more thing before we leave. If you need any items, be they gear or blades, go to Gilmore’s; Gilmore’s Glorious Goods-today!  Tiberius: You don’t have to sell it.  Scanlan: We’re supposed to plug him, right? I don’t know.

31 Gunpowder Plot

  • (p1. 2:00:40) Sam to Laura: Don’t forget to tell them about Gilmore’s Glorious Goods [before shooting the guards]! We’re supposed to advertise!

37 A Musician’s Nostalgia

  • (1:43:48) Scanlan: Have a good day. And remember: shop at Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!

39 Omens

  • (2:04:35) Sam: If you haven’t read the comics, check ‘em out on!  Taliesin: While you’re there, spend some money at Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!  Gilmore’s where…all of your magical items…can be procured.

41 In Ruins

  • (0:31:05) Grog/Travis: Don’t forget to visit Gilmore’s Glorious Goods.  Sam: That’s not a real place, Travis.  It doesn’t exist.

42 Dangerous Dealings

  • (0:32:50) Travis: Remember to shop at Gilmore’s Ruined Rubble! […]  Taliesin: For all your reclaimed wood needs! […]  Travis: An endless supply of pavers and gravel.  Sam: Gilmore’s Building Supplies.  Travis: All your home improvement needs.

45 Those Who Walk Away…

  • (0:45:56) Vex’ahlia: Gilmore!  Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!  Wonderful place to buy all sorts of products, if it was still standing.