Sibling Rivalry

Anonymous asked: How many times have Laura and Liam smacked, hit, or shoved each other on the stream?

Thanks to @BabbaForrest, @EBalensuela, Henry Mills, holpike, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, and @SilentEnGee for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 60.

01 Arrival at Kraghammer

  • (0:25:25) Laura taps Liam’s arm, saying “I was thinking the same thing!”
  • (2:08:24) Laura punches Liam’s arm in annoyance and shows him something on her sheet.
  • (2:10:45) Laura elbows Liam after Vax gives Vex'ahlia a push in the direction of the guards.

03 Strange Bedfellows

  • (1:56:56) Laura hits Liam’s arm and lightly shakes him after Vax loses the carpet in the ravine.

05 The Trick about Falling

  • (1:22:12) Vex slaps Vax’s arms as Vax removes his hand from (noisy) Vex’s face.
  • (2:04:52) Laura laughs and hits Liam’s arm after Liam tells everyone to stay away from the Black Pudding.

09 Yug’voril Uncovered

  • (0:28:48) Liam pokes Laura with dice box, imitating a dagger
  • (2:06:06) Laura pushes Liam after nearly rolling a Nat20
  • (2:20:33) Laura pushes Liam after he loses a “brother-sister contest” over Vax’s armor.

10 K’varn Revealed

  • (0:45:39) Laura pushes Liam’s foot off the table after he puts it up for healing

17 Hubris

  • (1:53:19) Laura tickles Liam after an unknown whispered conversation.

22 AraMente to Pyrah

  • (0:51:41) Vex pushes Vax after Vax tells Pike that “Vex kind of broke the carpet” while catching Pike up on their adventures.

24 The Feast

  • (2:22:17) Vex slaps her brother’s arm a lot for decorating her bear in her absence.

25 Crimson Diplomacy

  • (0:22:28) Laura scolds Liam for asking Matt, while still in character, what he should roll while captive and charmed by the Briarwoods. Don’t bait the DM, Liam!

26 Consequences and Cows

  • (2:54:55) Both Laura and Travis hit Liam after he tells Sam to make an acrobatics check before Matt says there is a need for one.

28 The Sun Tree

  • (1:11:50) Laura pinches Liam on the arm for talking to Scanlan about Vex’s bathroom habits

29 Whispers

  • (2:10:30) Vex whacks Vax for telling everyone the twins’ age. Thanks to an anonymous critter for this one!

32 Against the Tide of Bone

  • (0:25:25) Liam grabs and shakes Laura in their excitement at Pike’s arrival.

33 Reunions

  • (p1. 2:12:00) Laura shoves Liam after he gnashes his teeth together, saying, “Don’t do that! I hate that sound!”

35 Denouement

  • (p1. 1:24:16) Laura strikes Liam in frustration in response to a bad dice roll.
  • (p1. 1:40:01) Laura lightly shakes Liam while muttering in fear about Orthax.
  • (p1. 1:59:16) Liam slaps Laura on the shoulders with both hands in solidarity over her rolling a Nat20 to have Trinket attack Pike.

37 A Musician’s Nostalgia

  • (1:18:15) Laura hits the back of Liam’s arm after he tells Uriel that Vex will pay Desmond 1000 gold for his time spent in the cell.

38 Echoes of the Past

  • (0:42:36) Laura shoves Liam when Gilmore enters.  Thanks to an anonymous critter for this one!

39 Omens

  • (0:31:25) Liam punches Laura in the shoulder at the appearance of the Frost Worm.
  • (0:59:27) Laura grabs and lightly shoves Liam while everyone is laughing helplessly at being turned into mist.
  • (2:24:19) Laura smacks Liam for making fly noises. Thanks to an anonymous critter for this one!

42 Dangerous Dealings

  • (0:11:43) Laura lightly taps Liam when he says “Thursday night is Critical Role night, Thursday night is Critical Role night” in an imitation of Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man, ribbing Laura for her obsessive dice-rolling tendencies.
  • (2:44:10) Liam/Vax elbows Laura/Vex hard to get her to be quiet when talking to Spireling Shenn. Thanks to an anonymous critter for this one!

44 The Sunken Tomb

  • (1:00:04) Liam acts out braiding Laura’s hair, which pulls painfully
  • (1:22:25) Vex elbows Vax for snoring
  • (1:24:25) Liam shoulder bumps Laura during Scanlan and Kash’s conversation
  • (1:33:38) Liam grabs Laura’s arm to pull Vex out into the mud
  • (1:34:34) Liam grabs around Laura for Trinket to pull them out of the mud

45 Those Who Walk Away…

  • (0:31:31) Laura elbow shoves Liam to get his attention
  • (2:04:30) Laura gently smacks Liam’s stomach for making dog sounds

50 Best Laid Plans…

  • (1:38:36) Liam pats Laura’s arm and squeezes her shoulders after she Baits the DM™ and Matt takes mystical credit for Liam knocking over his water glass because ”that’s what happens”.
  • (2:16:54) Liam smacks Laura’s arm a few times as the party wakes up in the morning.

53 At Dawn, We Plan!

  • (1:10:05) Laura gives a light slap on Liam’s chest for sticking his head in the stair.

54 In the Belly of the Beast

  • (4:13:17) Laura drums on Liam’s arm after Vex manages to shoot an arrow near Vax to orient him inside Umbrasyl.

56 Hope

  • (0:41:38) Liam shoves Laura when they act out Vax trying to get Vex’s boots.

58 A Cycle of Vengeance

  • (2:16:57) Vex punches Vax on the arm hard multiple times after learning that Vax can fly.

60 Heredity and Hats

  • (1:39:30) Laura shoves Liam for ruining her solid persuasion with his lousy persuasion