A Tribute to Taryon Darrington

With the parting of ways that took place in Episode 101, we look back at some of our favorite moments involving the artificer.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission.

  • Tary meets Vox Machina (Ep85, 2:56:26)
  • Tary’s List of Adventures (Ep86, 0:48:18)
  • Potential book titles (Ep86, 0:51:40)
  • Taryon gets real with VM (Ep86, 2:07:13)
  • Keyleth’s eyes make Taryon feel ashamed (Ep86, 2:17:17)
  • Taryon gets his first kill (Ep87, 1:42:10)
  • The flashcards (Ep89, 2:21:38)
  • Grog and Tary buy from the potion merchant in Vasselheim (Ep90, 2:18:07)
  • Tary kills a succubus (Ep92, 3:16:59)
  • Tary uses a Scroll of Programmed Illusion to buy VM time to get to Hotis (Ep93, 3:50:01)
  • VM’s friendship is worth about 210,000 gold, which is a relatively large amount of money, even to Tary (Ep94, 0:27:30)
  • Tary confirms that women definitely aren’t for him (Ep94, 2:30:30)
  • Tary and Grog attempt to build sandcastles (Ep95, 1:23:33)
  • Tary sics two mastiffs on Percy and Vex’s room (Ep95, 1:32:43)
  • Tary tries to get the Whitestone kitchen to serve the Trickfoots the fanciest of meals (Ep95, 3:20:00)
  • “I am, literally, the least hard man to find.” (Ep97, 3:32:48)
  • Tary encases himself with a Bead of Force (Level 17 Battle Royale, 0:20:14)
  • Tary wins the Battle Royale (Level 17 Battle Royale, 3:38:17)
  • Tary tells the Darringtons about his plan for their future (Ep99, 0:50:15)
  • Tary kills the War Priest (Ep100, 5:03:51)
  • Scanlan and Tary have a conversation about Lionel (Ep101, 0:52:34)
  • Tary and Vex say their goodbyes (Ep101, 2:16:47)
  • What Tary’s doing while Vox Machina fights Vecna (Ep102, 3:53:43)

Monster Analysis: Gloomstalkers (Thar Amphala)

Thanks to @capefoxalix for this art piece!

  • First appearance: 101 Thar Amphala

  • “Encounter” appearance: 102 Race to the Tower

  • Armor Class unknown

  • Speed unknown (flying speed)

  • Dex +3, Wis Save +3

  • +4 or greater to hit

    • Claw attack dealt 16 damage to Keyleth

  • Total health unknown, no damage taken

The gloomstalker, a Mercer creation and resident of the Shadowfell, is very similar to an undead cross between a dementor and a wyvern. These large creatures with 20-foot fleshless wingspans and elongated, snapping necks predatorily search from the skies for living flesh, using their fellow gloom stalkers to narrow their focus to the target they are hunting. Their skin billows in a black, shadow-like smoke, and gives off a freezing chill that reaches out to the very soul to those in close proximity.

Scanlan’s injured child Major Image was convincing enough that it distracted the gloom stalker from its intended quarry, Vox Machina. However, their bright, greenish-yellow eyes emanate cones of light that see through illusions. Illusions that fall under the cones’ influence disappear before the vision of others, as well. So, while the gloom stalkers aren’t terribly intelligent creatures, they’re not without their tricks.

It’s also Scanlan’s willingness to quickly use his 8th level spell, Dominate Monster, that saved Keyleth and Vox Machina from a protracted battle with the gloom stalkers. Though only one noticed Keyleth’s presence at first, several more were on their way to join in the hunt. Scanlan harnessed the power of the newly-named Mister Mistoffelees as an ambassador to the other gloom stalkers and as a flying steed, allowing Vox Machina a glimpse at what was happening on Entropis before the real battle began.

Media References and Puns of Episode 101: Thar Amphala

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