CRStats Favorite Moments, Episodes 2-47 - 2-56

CRStats Favorite Moments, Episodes 2-47 - 2-56

Thanks to @Entirely_Wrong for this art piece!

Another break, another chance to celebrate our favorite moments of the current campaign and Search for Grog!

  • Jester prays for Fjord (Ep2-47, 1:55:25)

  • Fjord tries to give Orly the ship (Ep2-47, 3:34:22)

  • Caduceus communes with the Wildmother (Ep2-47, 3:39:11)

  • Nott and Sheila (Ep2-48, 0:59:34)

  • Marion steps out of the Lavish Chateau (Ep2-48, 2:50:51)

  • Jester totally worships the Platinum Dragon (Ep2-48, 2:58:40)

  • “Wow. WOW.” (Ep2-48, 3:15:44)

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Media References and Puns of 2-52 Feral Business

Coming soon, from the producers of Survivor: Darktow, the new hit show Abyssal Demon Warrior!

Media References

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