Monster Analysis: Dybbuk, Giant Snapping Turtle, and Chasme

Monster Analysis: Dybbuk, Giant Snapping Turtle, and Chasme

Thanks to @suraelis for this art piece!

The invasion of the chasmes and the babaus from the Abyss were a useful distraction for something a little more powerful to sneak into the stone giants’ fortress. Soorna hinted at the presence of something… else when she went back, but the Mighty Nein were still surprised by the sudden reanimation of one of the stone giant corpses last week. What followed turned into a game of whack-a-mole (or turtle), with the desecrated stone giant corpses as the moles… and the Nein flailing wildly with metaphorical mallets.

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Media References and Puns of 2-60 A Turtle By Any Other Name

Giant demonic snapping turtles are not to be confused with denizens of the Nine Shells.

Media References

  • (0:01:18) Sam: As you guys know, every Wednesday I go to the Film & TV Archives in Hollywood.

  • (0:01:40) Sam: ...they only saved it on Betamax tape.

  • (0:03:44) Matt: Ashley Johnson is Gail in Gail Force Five: A Gail in Your Coffin.

  • (0:40:20) Liam: When I was a kid, Terminator 2 and Gail Force Five informed my whole childhood.

  • (0:05:34) Matt: ...with our friend, Joel Hodgson.

  • (0:10:32) Matt: ...over in Rosohna [...] Laura: Rosohna, Rosohna (“Rosanna” by Toto)

  • (0:13:03) Taliesin: Same as it ever was. Ashley: Same as it ever was. (“Once In a Lifetime” by Talking Heads) Thanks to Adam for this one!

  • (0:18:47) Marisha: Wait. All: Wait. Wait. (Comic Con Inside Joke)

  • (0:22:07) Travis: Its vision is based on movement! (Jurassic Park)

  • (0:27:20) Travis: Let them fight. (Godzilla (2014))

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