Media References and Puns for 2-61 Agreements

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Bodo Players was probably a one-show only company.

Media References

  • (0:01:14) Sam: My entire body is as doughy as Val Kilmer in a funnel cake factory.

  • (0:01:23) Sam: She accused me of looking like a donkey wearing a Jeff Goldblum mask…

  • (0:01:28) Sam: … my face is much more like a Steve Buscemi Halloween mask that has melted in the back of your Kia.

  • (0:01:38) Sam: It’s my voice that makes you want to drown me out with a stereo mix of Limp Bizkit and Michelle Wolf.

  • (0:01:59) Sam: He’s an authoritarian party pooper whose characters are darker than the last episode of Game of Thrones and sadder than a double feature of Flight 93 and Requiem for a Dream.

  • (0:02:30) Sam: She’s missed so many games it’s more games than Michael Vick and Tonya Harding combined.

  • (0:02:39) Sam: Her “hit show” Blindspot is seen by literally hundreds of people every week.

  • (0:03:06) Sam: How could anyone dislike someone who has more Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls in her closet than Michael Jackson did?

  • (0:03:24) Sam: His characters are so emo, Damien Rice called and said they were “too heavy.”

  • (0:03:30) Sam: His monologues are more emotionally depleting than the discography of Dashboard Confessional.

  • (0:03:35) Sam: Liam could have single-handedly funded our Kickstarter if he didn’t have so many traffic tickets from searching himself on Tumblr while driving.

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