What We Know About the Luxon and Xhorhas (Updated!)

What We Know About the Luxon and Xhorhas (Updated!)

Thanks to @my2k for this art piece!

We’ve heard from a number of you that you appreciate our posts breaking down what we know about the various lore drops on Critical Role, and boy howdy did we get one in the most recent episode! Ahead, we’ll detail the new information The Mighty Nein gained through their experiences in Rosohna.


We learned a lot about the Dynasty’s favorite deity from Empress Leylas Kryn, Skysybil Abrianna Mirimm, and Shadowhand Essek Thelyss in episode 2-57. (Yes, we’ve confirmed all those spellings with Matt.)

The Luxon is responsible for creating the elements that became life on Exandria, scattering itself to bring fire and life to a cold and lonely rock of a planet.

  • The Luxon’s body is held within the Beacons, of which the Dynasty has discovered four.

  • Selected followers of the Luxon go through cycles of rebirth so they can live enough lives to learn the true meaning of why they are on Exandria and to bring the fragments of the Luxon’s puzzle to it when it is reborn, to give it purpose.

  • The Luxon is also the source of a very potent magical force and the beacon is one of many funnels of dunamis power.

  • The followers of the Luxon have periods of worship where they “give [them]selves to the sunlight as part of [their] means of showing [their] faith.”

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