Level 9 Update: NEIN

Level 9 Update: NEIN

Thanks to @johannamation for this art piece, and thanks to @Anodesu for the character portraits!

Welcome to level 9, Mighty Nein! At level 9, all characters receive an improvement to their proficiency bonus (now at +4), so all attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws that a character is proficient (or expert) in get a bump. Everyone’s spell save/monk ability DCs also go up. Most of the spellcasters now also have access to 5th level spells, and a certain monk can now parkour a little more easily.

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What We Know About the Xhorhas Situation

What We Know About the Xhorhas Situation

Thanks to @Pandanimaniac for this art piece!

To say the situation at the end of Episode 2-56 is complicated would be a vast understatement. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know to understand what’s going on as The Mighty Nein give their mighty gift to Empress Leylas Kryn. We also have several previous posts with relevant information (and linked quote compendiums) you may want to check out as well:

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Quick Answers 72

So… It’s been a month an a half since the last one of these. You’ve got questions, all right. Updated to 2-56.

Assorted Questions

Are you planning on getting the Search for Grog character sheets of the characters that Travis and Liam played?

To be clear, we don’t “get” the sheets from the players; we reconstruct the sheets based on what we’ve been able to ascertain from what goes in on the games and on Twitter (Thanks Liam!). And yes, we have compiled and posted the sheets!

Does CRS keep track of anything that would help identify at a glance what episodes [may contain content less appropriate for younger viewers who may want to watch]?
Would you ever consider tracking triggering topics (spiders, hanging, child death, discussion of abuse etc) so critters who are affected by such things can be forewarned before they watch the vod?

Does The Dog Die is a crowd-sourced website that does the very thing you’re looking for! Critical Role is already up there, but it looks like the page would benefit from some episode specificity. Any interested critters should check it out and consider updating!

Can you calculate how much damage Jester’s weasel has taken and how many times it survived literal death?

In theory, as of episode 2-56, Sprinkle has avoided:

  • 143 damage

    • 59 fire damage

    • 52 lightning damage

    • 32 poison damage

  • 7 overkills from damage

  • 2 drownings

In practice, Sprinkle has avoided all damage Jester has taken by curling up on the back of her neck in her cloak and dodging during battle.

Do you have a list of all the Beauregard puns?

We post a list of each episode’s media references and puns each week. That said:

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Level 8 Update: More Feats and ASIs

Level 8 Update: More Feats and ASIs

Thanks to @Queddajaw for this art piece!

ALL THE ABILITY SCORE IMPROVEMENTS! No, but seriously, as Matt said at the end of Episode 49, all of the Mighty Nein receive their choice of either an ability score increase or a feat this level. In addition, all the spellcasters get additional spell slots or spells known (or both), and both clerics get domain features and improvements to their Destroy Undead abilities.

Because of the wide variety of possibilities, we chose to delay our level update until we could narrow down the options, but as you’ll see, there are still a few unknowns. All of the Mighty Nein (except Yasha) have now maxed out their primary ability scores (barring certain special items), and Caleb, Nott, and Caduceus have each tacked on a feat to their already-diverse skill sets.

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Quick Answers 70

I really want to know the attendance numbers of the live shows, but haven’t been able to find them on your site or elsewhere. Did I miss them? Do you have that info? I want to see how popular this nerdy hobby has become. Thanks for any help!

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to exact logistics, nor do we know if all live shows have been completely sold out. However, we do know the maximum seating capacity of each venue a live show has taken place. If we assume that every single show has been sold out (which is not far from the reality), we end up with 12,134 live attendees.

  • The Landmark, Los Angeles, CA: 255 (1 show)

  • Hilbert Circle Theatre, Indianapolis, IN: 1,786 (1 show)

  • Murat Theatre Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN: 2,600 (2 shows)

  • United Palace, New York, NY: 3,293 (1 show)

  • Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, CA: 1,600 (1 show)

Was Jester and Beau the first time someone in the M9 has said "love you" to another member? VM said it all the time so I can't remember.


  • (Ep2-11, 2:49:32) Nott told the whole group they were her friends and she loved them.

  • (Ep2-15, 3:25:37) Beau told Caleb she loved him, but to hurry up.

  • (Ep2-17, 3:26:04) Beau told Jester she loved her for healing her, though whether it was in character is debatable.

  • (Ep2-46, 1:29:36) Beau told Jester she loved her

  • (Ep2-46, 1:29:39) Jester told Beau she loved her

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What The Individual Members of The Mighty Nein Know About Each Other

What The Individual Members of The Mighty Nein Know About Each Other

Thanks to @Lyadrielle for this art piece!

Here’s where things get complicated. There are bits of information that aren’t out to the entire group, but a few characters do know. Here’s a (relatively) quick summary of what certain people know about other members of the Mighty Nein to wrap things up.

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What The Mighty Nein Knows About Their Backstories

What The Mighty Nein Knows About Their Backstories

Thanks to @Megzilla87 for this art piece!

While we as an audience may see everything that happens between everyone else (except for whispers), it’s important to remember that the characters don’t necessarily have all the information. To that end, here’s all the information that the Mighty Nein (except Caduceus) has learned about each other. Since Caduceus came to the party much later, he doesn’t have most of the same information, so we’ll be discussing him separately in part 3 of our knowledge dump series with all the information that isn’t quite out there for the entire group just yet.

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What We Know About The Mighty Nein's Backstories

What We Know About The Mighty Nein's Backstories

Thanks to @caitmayart for this art piece!

In the spirit of Talks Machina’s look back at Campaign 2 so far, we decided to take a look at everything we’ve learned thus far about each Mighty Nein member’s history. Because we’re us, we can’t do things in halves, and spent the better part of the last three weeks researching, compiling, timestamping, linking, writing and editing information on each character’s background. (A friendly reminder that we have a ko-fi!)

We’ll be presenting this information in three parts:

  • what we, the viewers, know about TMN from what they’ve said on Critical Role and Talks Machina;

  • what The Mighty Nein (except Caduceus, since he came later) knows about each others’ past;

  • and what information certain characters know about others’ history that isn’t known by the group at large along with what Caduceus knows about the rest of the Nein.

In this first section, each character’s heading links to a compendium of quotations about that character’s backstory.

A massive thanks to the volunteer editors and transcribers at CRTranscript for their hard work making Critical Role accessible! Projects like this wouldn’t be possible without them. We are basing our spellings off of what has been confirmed by CRTranscript and Stats, what is on the Wildemount maps, and from other places where spellings have been confirmed.

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Talks Machina Stats: Campaign 2, 2018 Edition

We gathered FAR more stats than the ones that made it on tonight’s Talks Machina. Here’s the Director’s Cut version of Campaign 2 stats.

  • Nine/Nein has been said at least 733 times.

  • Matt has facepalmed 80 times. By this episode in Campaign 1, he had facepalmed 77 times.

  • Beau has technically cast the highest level spell, Conjure Elemental.

  • Caduceus has prevented 38 damage from critical hits with Sentinel at Death’s Door.

  • Caleb’s smell has been commented on 49 times.

  • Fjord has absorbed two swords and two cloven crystals.

  • Jester has pulled 35 pranks.

  • Molly has been gone for 85 days.

  • Nott has cast Message 50 times.

  • Yasha has put four types of plants in her book since meeting TM9: flowers from Nott, a handful of posies, bark from a lightning-struck tree, and a white flower bud.

  • The Mighty Nein adopted disguises 91 times.

  • Beau continues to have the most Nat20s (53) and Nat1s (36), but Caleb edges her out on the Nat20 rate (6.74% to her 6.42%). Jester leads the Nat1 rate (5.29%) for the humanoid members of the Mighty Nein.

  • Most Damage Dealt: Nott (1576), Fjord (1569), Beau (1556)

  • Most Damage Taken: Beau (705), Fjord (598), Yasha (530)

  • Most Cast Spells: Alarm (116), Disguise Self (86), Message (73)

Quick Answers 69

Happy 2019! We figured we’d start the year with something… Nice.

Liam mentioned double Nat1s in episode 43. How many times has that happened in Critical Role?

A double Nat1 (two natural 1s for the same check) has happened 8 times in Critical Role:

  • Campaign 1 (7 times):

    • Ep 48, Vex Perception with advantage

    • Ep 61, Scanlan Athletics with disadvantage

    • Ep 65, Vax Stealth with Luck (The infamous “Walk of Shame”)

    • Ep 66, Vax Attack with advantage

    • Ep 78, Keyleth Perception with disadvantage

    • Ep 83, Vax Investigation with Luck

    • Ep 100, Grog’s reckless attack on a skeleton Thanks to jasminealoyce and tiamat_zx for the reminder on this one!

  • Campaign 2 (1 time):

    • Ep 43, Jester Perception with disadvantage

Did Episode 2-43 have the most natural 20s?

Nope, the most PC Nat20s were rolled in Episodes 1-55, 1-61, 1-100, and 2-26 with 14. If we add in DM crits, we still don’t come close: in episode 2-43, Matt rolled four and the players rolled four, for a combined total of eight natural 20s. There is something to be said for quality over quantity in this case, though. (In the future, you can find this kind of stat on our Running Stats pages for Tal’Dorei and Wildemount.)

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Level 7 Update: Spells for Days

Level 7 Update: Spells for Days

Thanks to @Lillutuft for this art piece!

Level 7 is rather straightforward for most of the Mighty Nein. All the primary spellcasting classes get access to 4th level spells. Beau, Nott, and Yasha, meanwhile, start to gain access to some of their more powerful class abilities.

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