Monster Analysis: Gloomstalkers (Barbed Fields)

Monster Analysis: Gloomstalkers (Barbed Fields)

Thanks to @suraelis for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 1-101 Thar Amphala

  • First Encounter Appearance: 1-102 Race to the Tower

  • Encounter Appearance: 2-65 Chases and Trees

  • Armor Class 15

  • Speed 80 ft (flying), 40 ft teleport

  • Unknown resistances

  • Vulnerable to radiant damage

  • Disadvantage on attacks made in daylight

    • Gloomstalker 1: 89 damage taken, 30 HDYWTDT by Nott

    • Gloomstalker 2: 75 damage taken, 30 HDYWTDT by Caduceus

    • Gloomstalker 3: 60 damage taken, 17 HDYWTDT by Caduceus

    • Gloomstalker 4: 52 damage taken before fleeing

The Mighty Nein have reached the central portion of the Barbed Fields, a mere four hour ride to where a gigantic crater leftover from the Calamity mars the landscape. Familiar to viewers of campaign 1, gloomstalkers were first seen traversing the dismal plane of the Shadowfell, one of the two parallel planes to the Prime Material.  Between these shadow-touched scavengers and the Sorrowsworn, it’s clear that the Shadowfell had a profound effect on the Barbed Fields.

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Monster Analysis: Gloomstalkers (Thar Amphala)

Thanks to @capefoxalix for this art piece!

  • First appearance: 101 Thar Amphala

  • “Encounter” appearance: 102 Race to the Tower

  • Armor Class unknown

  • Speed unknown (flying speed)

  • Dex +3, Wis Save +3

  • +4 or greater to hit

    • Claw attack dealt 16 damage to Keyleth

  • Total health unknown, no damage taken

The gloomstalker, a Mercer creation and resident of the Shadowfell, is very similar to an undead cross between a dementor and a wyvern. These large creatures with 20-foot fleshless wingspans and elongated, snapping necks predatorily search from the skies for living flesh, using their fellow gloom stalkers to narrow their focus to the target they are hunting. Their skin billows in a black, shadow-like smoke, and gives off a freezing chill that reaches out to the very soul to those in close proximity.

Scanlan’s injured child Major Image was convincing enough that it distracted the gloom stalker from its intended quarry, Vox Machina. However, their bright, greenish-yellow eyes emanate cones of light that see through illusions. Illusions that fall under the cones’ influence disappear before the vision of others, as well. So, while the gloom stalkers aren’t terribly intelligent creatures, they’re not without their tricks.

It’s also Scanlan’s willingness to quickly use his 8th level spell, Dominate Monster, that saved Keyleth and Vox Machina from a protracted battle with the gloom stalkers. Though only one noticed Keyleth’s presence at first, several more were on their way to join in the hunt. Scanlan harnessed the power of the newly-named Mister Mistoffelees as an ambassador to the other gloom stalkers and as a flying steed, allowing Vox Machina a glimpse at what was happening on Entropis before the real battle began.