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Have you or anyone done the math on the number of each Kickstarter reward item that will have to be manufactured? How many posters, dice, trinket plushies, etc.

  • 80,026 Digital downloads and Vox Machina voicemail packs

  • 60,171 The Legend of Vox Machina sticker sets and 8x10 art prints

  • 54,913 The Legend of Vox Machina dice sets plus bonus D20, playing card sets, and crew-knitted beanies

  • 17,358 Trinket plushies and Vax Dagger Dagger Dagger letter opener sets

  • 8,674 Character pin sets

  • 7,865 Waxed canvas messenger bags

  • 4,622 The Legend of Vox Machina signed pilot scripts

  • 1,501 Critical Role cast signed high-quality 18x24 animation art prints

  • 25 Personalized portraits by the Titmouse animation team

Do you have a count for how many shots were taken during the campaign end party?

55 shot glasses of tea.

What is Caleb’s Cat’s Ire spell?

It’s a reskinned Bigby’s Hand, using a brown cat’s paw instead of a purple hand.

How good a boy is Henry?

We aren’t @dog_rates, but based on our understanding of their rating system, we’d estimate around 14/10, would give his own studio full of plush pineapples.

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