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Search for Bob Master Post

Thanks to @AlexielApril for this art piece!

Wow, it’s been awhile since we last saw Vox Machina!

Media References

  • (0:11:05) Taliesin: I’ve heard Scrappy Doo in every D&D game.

  • (0:20:07) Liam: She’s a striking, beautiful dark haired woman.  Taliesin: Strikes everyone. (Eddie Izzard)

  • (0:25:17) Matt: I’m envisioning a Subway sandwich artist and there’s too much stuff in the sandwich, and they’re trying to hold it closed.

  • (0:28:34) Matt: a very Simba fashion…  Travis: Simba! It is time! (The Lion King)

  • (0:29:12) Travis: Who’s up for Le’veon Bell?

  • (0:44:18) Sam: *singing* Scrying eyes! (“Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates)

  • (0:44:55) Scam:  *singing* Scrying eyes!  Travis: *singing* They’re watching you! (“Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates)

  • (0:48:29) Ashley: what if he’s just like Little Mermaid?

  • (0:51:56) Sam: It’s called The Secret. If you think about something, you just envision it.

  • (0:55:47) Liam: *singing* It’s been awhile! (Staind)

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Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious Masterpost

Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious Masterpost

Thanks to @sephiramy for this art piece!

Car Names

Select your vehicle. Then poison the driver.

  • (0:15:00) R.E.V. Speedwagon: Burnt umber 1978 caprice station wagon

  • (0:15:09) Taxicab Concussions: Beat-up NYC Taxicab with the doors painted shut.

  • (0:15:16) Victor von Vroom: Green Corvette that looks zippy but hard to control

  • (0:15:24) The Exterminator: Royal blue exterminator van with Pest Control emblazoned on the side

  • (0:15:33) Mr. Fastee: A huge ice cream truck

  • (1:38:02) Sasscar: An adorable little mini roadster racer.

  • (1:38:32) Mothah Truckah: A tweaked-out GMC pickup that looks steady but slow, but very firm.

  • (1:38:50) Actual Vin Diesel: A supercharged engine.

  • (1:39:32) The Champion, a.k.a. Roadkill: Yellow and blue customized Ferrari with claws out front, its hood ornamented with a raccoon skull.

  • (1:40:30) This Guy On A Motorcycle.

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