Quick Answers 74

How many hours of content has been announcements?
As of episode 2-69, according to our Running Times tables across both campaigns and all one-shots, there has been a total of 36:19:58 between the beginning of each episode and the start of the games themselves. This time includes the opening greetings, announcements, and opening credits.

Has there been any indication that Essek Thelyss levitates everywhere because he is missing a leg?
There has not yet been any indication or explanation.

How many days has Yasha spent with the Nein?
As of episode 2-69, Yasha has been with the Nein for 114 of 176 days.

How many times has Matt said he is sorry after one of Sam's sponsor intros?
In campaign 2, Matt has explicitly apologized seven times. Each instance listed after the break!

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Quick Answers 69

Happy 2019! We figured we’d start the year with something… Nice.

Liam mentioned double Nat1s in episode 43. How many times has that happened in Critical Role?

A double Nat1 (two natural 1s for the same check) has happened 8 times in Critical Role:

  • Campaign 1 (7 times):

    • Ep 48, Vex Perception with advantage

    • Ep 61, Scanlan Athletics with disadvantage

    • Ep 65, Vax Stealth with Luck (The infamous “Walk of Shame”)

    • Ep 66, Vax Attack with advantage

    • Ep 78, Keyleth Perception with disadvantage

    • Ep 83, Vax Investigation with Luck

    • Ep 100, Grog’s reckless attack on a skeleton Thanks to jasminealoyce and tiamat_zx for the reminder on this one!

  • Campaign 2 (1 time):

    • Ep 43, Jester Perception with disadvantage

Did Episode 2-43 have the most natural 20s?

Nope, the most PC Nat20s were rolled in Episodes 1-55, 1-61, 1-100, and 2-26 with 14. If we add in DM crits, we still don’t come close: in episode 2-43, Matt rolled four and the players rolled four, for a combined total of eight natural 20s. There is something to be said for quality over quantity in this case, though. (In the future, you can find this kind of stat on our Running Stats pages for Tal’Dorei and Wildemount.)

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Talks Machina Episode 89 Highlights: 2-40

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Marisha Ray and Matt Mercer!

  • Announcements: 

    • The next episode of All Work No Play will debut on CR’s twitch channel on Friday at 7 PM Pacific. This week, Liam and Sam are building a custom MAME cabinet, along with Felicia Day and Brittany Walloch!

    • CR is raising money for Operation Supply Drop!

    • The second art book will be on sale via pre-order on November 12th at 9 AM Pacific!

    • There will be an exciting announcement for Critters in the EU going up on social media on Monday.

  • Stats for this week’s episode:

    • The 200th PC natural 20 happened this episode: Beau’s acrobatics check to land outside the temple.

    • Beau has used 90 ki points so far. The top 3 uses of those ki points have been:

      • Flurry of Blows (25)

      • Stunning Strike (20)

      • Patient Defense (19)

    • At the end of the escape, the party had 6 points of exhaustion and 0 spell slots remaining. Marisha: “I had 10 hit points that whole game.” In typical Beau fashion, she wasn’t telling them anything. Matt points out that this is true of Marisha as well.

    • Fjord is responsible for 30% of all kisses in campaign 2.

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Talks Machina Episode 84 Highlights: 2-36

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Tonight’s guests are Travis Willingham and Matt Mercer!

  • Announcements:

    • The NYC show on Thursday still has tickets! 

    • The latest episode of Between the Sheets, featuring Laura Bailey, is now available on the Critical Role Twitch channel for subscribers! The VOD will be released on YouTube tomorrow.

    • The second episode of All Work No Play will air on the Twitch channel on Friday at 7 PM! There will be tapdancing involved.

  • Stats​ for this week’s episode:

    • With four games in, the Dallas Cowboys are at a 50%– wait, wrong stat.

    • The M9 got their 140th kill in this episode: Nott against the fourth harpy.

    • This is the third time Fjord has used the dodecahedron, and the second time he’s put a fragment of possibility to use.

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Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious Masterpost

Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious Masterpost

Thanks to @sephiramy for this art piece!

Car Names

Select your vehicle. Then poison the driver.

  • (0:15:00) R.E.V. Speedwagon: Burnt umber 1978 caprice station wagon

  • (0:15:09) Taxicab Concussions: Beat-up NYC Taxicab with the doors painted shut.

  • (0:15:16) Victor von Vroom: Green Corvette that looks zippy but hard to control

  • (0:15:24) The Exterminator: Royal blue exterminator van with Pest Control emblazoned on the side

  • (0:15:33) Mr. Fastee: A huge ice cream truck

  • (1:38:02) Sasscar: An adorable little mini roadster racer.

  • (1:38:32) Mothah Truckah: A tweaked-out GMC pickup that looks steady but slow, but very firm.

  • (1:38:50) Actual Vin Diesel: A supercharged engine.

  • (1:39:32) The Champion, a.k.a. Roadkill: Yellow and blue customized Ferrari with claws out front, its hood ornamented with a raccoon skull.

  • (1:40:30) This Guy On A Motorcycle.

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Talks Machina Episode 82 Highlights: 2-34

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Laura Bailey and Matt Mercer (and Dani’s mom, offscreen, who confirms that we are indeed on the internet)!

  • Announcements:

    • Thursday, October 4 is the NYC live show! Some tickets are still available. Everyone is so happy that Laura and Travis will be there this time!

    • VOD of the first episode of Between the Sheets is available for CR Twitch subscribers now and will go up on CR’s YouTube channel tomorrow! This week’s features Taliesin Jaffe; next week’s is Travis Willingham!

    • Brian will be doing a Reddit AMA this coming Friday at 2 PM Pacific.

    • CR is raising money for the Pablove Foundation and has already raised $68,000. If they hit $100,000, Sam will do a Fireside Chat. Matt and Laura are excited, because for all that they consider Sam to be one of their closest friends, they feel like they don’t know too much about him. Everyone loves his wife, but Sam might be a spy-and-or-assassin. Theories abound.

      • Sam’s Crash Pandas one-shot will be streamed on Friday at 7 PM Pacific on the CR Twitch channel!

  • Stats for this episode:

    • Jester has dealt over 600 points of damage so far in the campaign. 

    • She has cast Cure Wounds 40 times. Matt: “That’s like once an episode.” Laura: “Matthew.” Brian: “You’re like an AFK Zenyatta. You’re a Mercy who’s just using her taser gun the whole time.”

    • Jester has used Blessing of the Trickster 26 times.

    • Matt announced his 40th natural 20 of the campaign. Matt: “Honestly, I think the Snitch, as much as I like to build the mystique, I think it has to be in Taliesin’s hands to become magical.” Dani: “If you’re not a paladin wielding the Holy Avenger, it’s just a sword.”

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Talks Machina Episode 79 Highlights: 2-31

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight’s guests are Marisha Ray and Matt Mercer!

  • Announcements:

    • A one-shot will be airing on August 30 in place of Critical Role (Matt, Marisha, and Taliesin will be away).

    • A new Critical Role show will be announced (I have seen the future).

    • Crew AMA on Friday at 2 PM Pacific on the /r/criticalrole subreddit!

  • Stats for this episode:

    • The party spent 4,047 gold and 2 silver, plus the cost of the Dust of Deliciousness and the straw hat, in their downtime shopping (Matt’s enjoying the financial caution that comes from being at low levels).

    • Nott’s discarded save against the Bead of Force was the M9′s 3,000th d20 roll.

    • Jester used eight of her ten spell slots and both uses of Channel Divinity during the prank/escape.

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Talks Machina Episode 75 Highlights: SDCC 2018

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Tonight's guests are Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien, and Matt Mercer!

This episode was pre-recorded on Saturday, and hence there is a tragic lack of After Dark content. Please turn off all your lights after the episode airs to simulate the After Dark experience. Thank you.

  • Announcement:

    • Vox Machina: Origins will be back in 2019! The next arc (the first arc to really kick in for the home game) will be about meeting Pike and Percy.

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Talks Machina Episode 74 Highlights: 2-26

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight's guests are Matt Mercer, Ashly Burch, and Taliesin Jaffe!

  • Announcements:

    • Critical Role will be at the San Diego Comic Con on 7/21 in 6BCF at 6:30pm. The panel will be aired next Tuesday during the TM time slot.

    • They’ll also be at NYCC in October! 

  • Stats for this episode:

    • Episode 26 had 14 natural 20s, the most of the new campaign. This was in no small part due to Ashly borrowing Tal’s dice because she doesn’t own her own dice bag. There’s so much dice karma happening in that sentence I don’t even know how to handle it. It ties with episodes 55, 61, and 100.

    • Keg has the most natural 20s of any single-episode guesting with 4.

    • Molly got the M9′s 100th kill. He leads the party with 21 kills in all. “Hot murder streak.”

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Quick Answers 64

Will you track the number of times Matt claps before the opening credits?

We keep receiving requests for this one despite answering before, but to definitively nip this in the bud: nope. No plans to do so.

How many nines has the Mighty Nein rolled?

As of episode 25, 132 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls).

How many nines has Vox Machina rolled?

In 115 episodes, 246 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls). Keep in mind that Vox Machina were working with much larger modifiers, making single-digit totals much rarer.

Are there any plans to track Yasha’s flower collection?

  1. (2-04, 3:29:06) Flowers from Nott

  2. (2-04, 3:30:31) Four-leaf clover (already present in book)

  3. (2-19, 2:54:24) Handful of posies

  4. (2-20, 1:00:43) Piece of bark from lightning-struck tree

  5. (2-23, 3:43:01) White flower bud

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Talks Machina Episode 71 Highlights: 2-23

This summary has been reproduced from this Tumblr post.

Tonight's guests are Matt Mercer and Sam Riegel!

  • Announcements:

    • New M9 shirt in the new CR store at shop.critrole.com. The show also now has their very own dedicated Critical Role Youtube & Twitch channels–however, don’t worry, as it’ll still be broadcast in all current locations as well. After Dark will continue to be available on After Dark only.

    • There also will not be any Talks Machina or new Critical Role episode July 3 or July 5, as they’ll be making the move to a new studio during this week. (Marisha’s stepped down at G&S to make this move to full-time CR management as well.)

    • There’s a summary post of these announcements with a FAQ on critrole.com, if you need more information. 

  • Stats for this episode:

    • The M9 have now officially rolled 99 natural ones. Nott’s in the lead with 22. Sam only has one d20 that he rolls, and he thinks Laura’s bad luck is rubbing off on him.

    • The M9 have now been traveling together for about a month. Matt, deadpan: “They’re such a tight-knit family.” He does like that everyone’s getting to see the ground-floor development and occasionally has to remind himself to set the scene because he gets sucked into the roleplay.

    • Kiri has imitated people 82 times–Sam loves Matt’s imitations. 

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Quick Answers 52

Do you have the timestamp of that one time when Matt, much to Travis' surprise, invented an official flower for one of the big cities (Westruun?) in a matter of seconds and what that flower was?

The Critical Role Wiki answered this one for us. We recommend checking them out, as they are a great source for trivia like this! Matt told us the official flower of Westruun was the white iris in Episode 56 (3:33:10).

Does the timeskip mean that Tary has been with VM as long as/longer than Scanlan at this point?

From what we can gather, no, Scanlan has still been with the party longer. During a Periscope, Matt suggested that a year and a half passed since the party first met together in Stillben to mid-Conclave arc. We can also note that Scanlan was with the party through two Winter’s Crest celebrations, while Tary has only been through one.

Everyone should have had a bday in the year gap. What's everyone's age now?

  • Taryon: 29
  • Vax and Vex: 28 or 29
  • Pike: Early 40s
  • Keyleth and Percy: Mid 20s
  • Grog, Scanlan: Unknown + 1
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