Quick Answers 73

Have you or anyone done the math on the number of each Kickstarter reward item that will have to be manufactured? How many posters, dice, trinket plushies, etc.

  • 80,026 Digital downloads and Vox Machina voicemail packs

  • 60,171 The Legend of Vox Machina sticker sets and 8x10 art prints

  • 54,913 The Legend of Vox Machina dice sets plus bonus D20, playing card sets, and crew-knitted beanies

  • 17,358 Trinket plushies and Vax Dagger Dagger Dagger letter opener sets

  • 8,674 Character pin sets

  • 7,865 Waxed canvas messenger bags

  • 4,622 The Legend of Vox Machina signed pilot scripts

  • 1,501 Critical Role cast signed high-quality 18x24 animation art prints

  • 25 Personalized portraits by the Titmouse animation team

Do you have a count for how many shots were taken during the campaign end party?

55 shot glasses of tea.

What is Caleb’s Cat’s Ire spell?

It’s a reskinned Bigby’s Hand, using a brown cat’s paw instead of a purple hand.

How good a boy is Henry?

We aren’t @dog_rates, but based on our understanding of their rating system, we’d estimate around 14/10, would give his own studio full of plush pineapples.

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Quick Answers 72

So… It’s been a month an a half since the last one of these. You’ve got questions, all right. Updated to 2-56.

Assorted Questions

Are you planning on getting the Search for Grog character sheets of the characters that Travis and Liam played?

To be clear, we don’t “get” the sheets from the players; we reconstruct the sheets based on what we’ve been able to ascertain from what goes in on the games and on Twitter (Thanks Liam!). And yes, we have compiled and posted the sheets!

Does CRS keep track of anything that would help identify at a glance what episodes [may contain content less appropriate for younger viewers who may want to watch]?
Would you ever consider tracking triggering topics (spiders, hanging, child death, discussion of abuse etc) so critters who are affected by such things can be forewarned before they watch the vod?

Does The Dog Die is a crowd-sourced website that does the very thing you’re looking for! Critical Role is already up there, but it looks like the page would benefit from some episode specificity. Any interested critters should check it out and consider updating!

Can you calculate how much damage Jester’s weasel has taken and how many times it survived literal death?

In theory, as of episode 2-56, Sprinkle has avoided:

  • 143 damage

    • 59 fire damage

    • 52 lightning damage

    • 32 poison damage

  • 7 overkills from damage

  • 2 drownings

In practice, Sprinkle has avoided all damage Jester has taken by curling up on the back of her neck in her cloak and dodging during battle.

Do you have a list of all the Beauregard puns?

We post a list of each episode’s media references and puns each week. That said:

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Quick Answers 71

Was Perkins the first guest player to ever lose a PC in the main campaign, or have there been others?
We answered this as part of our Talks Machina stats (episode 99), but to post it here: yes.

Was Spurt the quickest entrance and exit of a guest?
Chris was at the table as Spurt for 6.5 fewer minutes than Will and Mary Elizabeth’s cameo in Episode 114, making it the shortest single appearance of a guest player (22:25 to 27:59, respectively).

What does AoO mean [in your livetweeting]?
Attack of opportunity. (Trying to save some characters, ya know?)

Any stats out there on how many times Liam/Caleb has cast Alarm and gestured placing the wire as he casts it?
Do you have a number for how many different/unique spells Caleb has cast so far in the campaign?
As of episode 2-50, Caleb has cast 43 unique spells. He has cast Alarm 140 times. As for how many times he’s gestured, you’d have to check those 140 instances out. Luckily for you, we have each spell timestamped!

How many times has Jester healed the party?
Jester has healed the party with spells 60 times.

You can always find how many times a spell has been cast by looking at our Spells Cast chart.

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Quick Answers 70

I really want to know the attendance numbers of the live shows, but haven’t been able to find them on your site or elsewhere. Did I miss them? Do you have that info? I want to see how popular this nerdy hobby has become. Thanks for any help!

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to exact logistics, nor do we know if all live shows have been completely sold out. However, we do know the maximum seating capacity of each venue a live show has taken place. If we assume that every single show has been sold out (which is not far from the reality), we end up with 12,134 live attendees.

  • The Landmark, Los Angeles, CA: 255 (1 show)

  • Hilbert Circle Theatre, Indianapolis, IN: 1,786 (1 show)

  • Murat Theatre Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN: 2,600 (2 shows)

  • United Palace, New York, NY: 3,293 (1 show)

  • Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, CA: 1,600 (1 show)

Was Jester and Beau the first time someone in the M9 has said "love you" to another member? VM said it all the time so I can't remember.


  • (Ep2-11, 2:49:32) Nott told the whole group they were her friends and she loved them.

  • (Ep2-15, 3:25:37) Beau told Caleb she loved him, but to hurry up.

  • (Ep2-17, 3:26:04) Beau told Jester she loved her for healing her, though whether it was in character is debatable.

  • (Ep2-46, 1:29:36) Beau told Jester she loved her

  • (Ep2-46, 1:29:39) Jester told Beau she loved her

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Quick Answers 68

It’s been a busy number of months here at CritRoleStats, and a while since we’ve answered your questions. Apologies to those who have been waiting a while for a response, but, here you go! Answers updated as of 2-42.

How many days has Yasha been with the party?

Out of 106 total days the party has been together, Yasha has been present for 49 of them.

How many days has Caduceus been with the party, compared to Mollymauk?

Molly joined the party for 39 days (26 episodes). Caduceus has joined the party for 66 days (15 episodes).

What service does Sam use for his t-shirts?

Sam uses two apps: YoShirt and RageOn. Thanks to Emmy-award winning Sam Riegel for the reply!

I was wondering if you guys could keep track of the things Caduceus has decomposed so far.

If you’re interested in Cad’s spellcasting, check out our Spells Cast chart! It lists a timestamp for each spell so you can go to the episode and look. You can do a CTRL+F search for Decompose.

  • (Ep2-28, 3:34:54) Iron Nest Guard

  • (Ep2-30, 2:42:38) Molly

  • (Ep2-32, 3:18:06) Ettin

  • (Ep2-35, 0:37:25) Algar’s hand

  • (Ep2-36, 3:43:04) Harpies

  • (Ep2-38, 0:26:26) Dead snakes

  • (Ep2-38, 1:48:06) Kamadan 1

  • (Ep2-38, 1:48:06) Kamadan 2

  • (Ep2-39, 0:47:55) Yuan-ti priestess

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Quick Answers 67

Can you keep track of how many times the dodecahedron has been used, and how many of those times it’s been used to reroll something?

Done and done; we now keep this list regularly updated on the Wildemount Running Stats page.

How can Beau buy extra reactions with her ki? Is it homebrewed?

As we stated in our Level 6 Update, Beau now has Mind of Mercury, allowing her to spend a ki to gain an additional reactions (max 2 reactions based on her INT mod). This is all part of the most recent class update to the Monk of the Cobalt Soul.

I am currently watching some of the one-shots done after campaign 1, and I was wondering if there are stats about those episodes!

There are! The easiest way to find information about past one-shots is using the One-Shot tag, especially if you’re looking for articles. If you’re looking for running times or who was present for each of CR’s one-shots (or just need the complete list), the links to those pages are always kept on our Running Stats page under the General Archives.

Is there a comparison to the number of times players rolled with advantage versus disadvantage in Campaign 1?

Vox Machina rolled with disadvantage a total of 351 times across 114 episodes. They rolled with advantage 984 times, or about 3 times more often than they rolled with disadvantage. By contrast, the Mighty Nein have rolled with disadvantage 152 times and advantage 246 times (only about a factor of 2!).

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Quick Answers 66

Stats for Fjord’s falchion with the Summer’s Dance enchantment?

Fjord’s falchion, as Matt detailed on Reddit, takes on the enchantment of whatever blade he attunes to. However, if the falchion had an enchantment from a previous weapon on it already, the previous enchantment is lost and the previous weapon is destroyed forever.

Fjord previously attuned to the Wastehunter Blade, which he took from the Xhorhasian infiltrator in the sewers of Zadash after the attempted toppling of the Zauber Spire. Its enchantment allowed him to deal an additional 1d6 necrotic damage to beasts and monstrosities. Fjord has now attuned with Summer’s Dance, the sword Molly previously wielded. Molly got that sword from the merrow hoard in the Ounterloch. It enables the wielder to cast Misty Step once (we’re thinking once per long rest, though that’s not confirmed).

Do you have a count on the total number of sets of manacles they've found?

About 13 sets. We’re not including manacles that were already on people in The Sour Nest, since those weren’t really “found.”

  • (Ep2-07, 3:59:53) Large set from manticore lair

  • (Ep2-16, 1:53:07) Set from hidden alcove in the Underworks

  • (Ep2-21, 4:00:53) 4 bloody sets from the Labenda Swamp safehouse

  • (Ep2-28, 3:40:07) A few sets seen by Frumpkin

  • (Ep2-30, 0:48:55) 4 sets in new Bag of Holding in The Sour Nest

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Quick Answers 64

Will you track the number of times Matt claps before the opening credits?

We keep receiving requests for this one despite answering before, but to definitively nip this in the bud: nope. No plans to do so.

How many nines has the Mighty Nein rolled?

As of episode 25, 132 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls).

How many nines has Vox Machina rolled?

In 115 episodes, 246 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls). Keep in mind that Vox Machina were working with much larger modifiers, making single-digit totals much rarer.

Are there any plans to track Yasha’s flower collection?

  1. (2-04, 3:29:06) Flowers from Nott

  2. (2-04, 3:30:31) Four-leaf clover (already present in book)

  3. (2-19, 2:54:24) Handful of posies

  4. (2-20, 1:00:43) Piece of bark from lightning-struck tree

  5. (2-23, 3:43:01) White flower bud

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Quick Answers 63

Do we know how old The Mighty Nein members are?

Yes and no. Liam mentioned on Twitter that Caleb is 33. Nott doesn’t actually know how old she is, but has estimated somewhere between 6 and 9, and probably twice as old as Kiri (who is four). Marisha mentioned that Beau is in her early 20s on Talk Machina. Molly has been alive as Molly for two years. We have no official word on Fjord, Jester, or Yasha.

Is it possible for Caleb to learn Leomund's Tiny Hut (a 3rd level spell) before the next level up, given that he has already demonstrated that he knows two 3rd levels (Slow and Haste)? I know he only has two 3rd-level slots, so he couldn't CAST more than two in a given day, but does that prevent him from learning new spells at 3rd level as well?

Yes, he can still learn it at level 5! A wizard's spellbook can hold as many spells they can learn; all spells at or below their highest casting level can be available for them to use. The tricky part is finding the spell to learn it, and having enough paper and ink to add it to his spellbook. Since Leomund's Tiny Hut is a ritual spell, he won't even have to prepare it once he learns it- unlike clerics, wizards can cast any ritual spell in their spellbook, regardless of whether or not it’s prepared!

Would it be possible to start a reference list for who Kiri the Kenku is quoting when she has lines?

Consider it started. Whether it becomes an article or a full running stat depends on how many more episodes our bird daughter stays with the Nein.

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Quick Answers 62

Can you tell me…

This answer is directed specifically at new followers: Hi! Welcome to CritRoleStats, or to the Twitter or Tumblr if you’re seeing this from there. We’ve answered a lot of questions in our run, so inevitably, we receive many questions that we have already answered. If you’re new to us, you might try either searching our previous Quick Answers or flipping through our archives.

We also have many questions that we usually answer within the week of the episode airing. If we don’t answer your question about media references, monster statistics, or world lore, we are probably double-checking our work and sharing that information in an upcoming article. We also suggest you tune into Talks Machina every Tuesday, where we share many interesting statistics at the beginning of the show.

Can you track the attuned items of the Mighty Nein?

Sure! You can find the page with our latest update of attuned items here. The link has also been added to the Wildemount General Stats page.

Can you add CRS’s Favorite Moments to the General Stats dropdown menu?


By any chance, did you count how many times Caleb asked for Paper and Ink from The Gentleman?

Three times.

Are there any plans to track how much Caleb spends on his spells/spellbook? Any chance we can start a running stat on how much gold Caleb has spent on “fine ink and parchment”?

We do track that, among many other items spent. As Liam pointed out on Twitter, it costs 50 gold per spell slot level to transcribe a spell into his spellbook. Caleb has spent 650 gold on ink and paper for spell transcription.

Can you create an Indiana Jones style travel map of where TM9 has been (red line) and where they are heading toward (red dotted line)?

As much as we love this idea, the rights to the map are tricky. For professional courtesy, we’ll hold off until we’re a little more clear on how to present it.

When was the last time we had Crit Role PVP within a campaign?

Since the Beau and Jester fight in the Evening Nip in episode 2-19, the last character PvP event was episode 1-99 between Grog and Lionel.

Quick Answers 61

How do you track it when Liam announces a roll as “total balls”?

It’s fairly common for players to not announce their rolls, especially if it’s low or if it’s made irrelevant by advantage or disadvantage. In those cases, we still log that the rolls occurred in our All Rolls Charts (check the individual tabs at the bottom for each episode), but we mark the value of the rolls as Unknown.

Are you keeping track of the number of insight checks between Campaign 1 and Campaign 2?

We have them all on record in our All Rolls charts (Vox Machina and Mighty Nein) for easy consulting, but we don’t isolate them into a separate list.

Will you be tracking total healing given/done (via spells and other abilities, not rests) this campaign?

Like insight checks, we have healing rolls on record in our All Rolls charts, but don’t have it isolated into a separate list.

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Quick Answers 60

Congratulations to Critical Role and Geek & Sundry for celebrating three years of streaming!

Are you tracking NEINS?

Are you tracking the number of nines rolled in both the first campaign and this campaign?
We do have all rolls in tables for both the Tal’Dorei and Wildemount campaigns. As for the current campaign, we’d like to direct your attention to this fancy infographic designed by @callmedeeray, who constructed it using our data!

How many times has Frumpkin been killed?
As of episode 9, twice. The full and updated list of party KOs and deaths can be found on this page.

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