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Thanks to @AlexielApril for this art piece!

Wow, it’s been awhile since we last saw Vox Machina!

Media References

  • (0:11:05) Taliesin: I’ve heard Scrappy Doo in every D&D game.

  • (0:20:07) Liam: She’s a striking, beautiful dark haired woman.  Taliesin: Strikes everyone. (Eddie Izzard)

  • (0:25:17) Matt: I’m envisioning a Subway sandwich artist and there’s too much stuff in the sandwich, and they’re trying to hold it closed.

  • (0:28:34) Matt: a very Simba fashion…  Travis: Simba! It is time! (The Lion King)

  • (0:29:12) Travis: Who’s up for Le’veon Bell?

  • (0:44:18) Sam: *singing* Scrying eyes! (“Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates)

  • (0:44:55) Scam:  *singing* Scrying eyes!  Travis: *singing* They’re watching you! (“Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates)

  • (0:48:29) Ashley: what if he’s just like Little Mermaid?

  • (0:51:56) Sam: It’s called The Secret. If you think about something, you just envision it.

  • (0:55:47) Liam: *singing* It’s been awhile! (Staind)

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Monster Analysis: Forgotten Empyrean

Monster Analysis: Forgotten Empyrean

Thanks to @BlackSalander for this art piece!

  • Encounter Appearance: The Search for Grog

  • Armor Class: 23

  • Speed 50 ft, fly 50 ft, swim 50 ft

  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 313, 418

  • 726 damage taken, 86 HDYWTDT by Grog

Empyreans are huge humanoid celestials, direct descendants of the gods. When they are in their right mind, they usually consider themselves undefeatable, and cannot ever imagine themselves dying as they proudly fight on in combat. As a result, they will fight fearlessly to the death, refusing to believe the end is coming even when it is upon them. Once they are killed, they are often resurrected by one of their parents unless they have a good reason not to. That good reason could be that the empyrean was corrupted upon venturing to the Lower Planes and turned to evil; evil empyreans are rare, but they occasionally rule as tyrants on the Lower Planes. They also tend to have direct impacts on their environment: when an empyrean is unhappy, clouds rain down salt water, flowers wilt, and fish wash ashore. In contrast, when they are happy, everything goes full Disney: sunlight follows them, small animals frolic around them, and birds sing.

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Quick Answers 69

Happy 2019! We figured we’d start the year with something… Nice.

Liam mentioned double Nat1s in episode 43. How many times has that happened in Critical Role?

A double Nat1 (two natural 1s for the same check) has happened 8 times in Critical Role:

  • Campaign 1 (7 times):

    • Ep 48, Vex Perception with advantage

    • Ep 61, Scanlan Athletics with disadvantage

    • Ep 65, Vax Stealth with Luck (The infamous “Walk of Shame”)

    • Ep 66, Vax Attack with advantage

    • Ep 78, Keyleth Perception with disadvantage

    • Ep 83, Vax Investigation with Luck

    • Ep 100, Grog’s reckless attack on a skeleton Thanks to jasminealoyce and tiamat_zx for the reminder on this one!

  • Campaign 2 (1 time):

    • Ep 43, Jester Perception with disadvantage

Did Episode 2-43 have the most natural 20s?

Nope, the most PC Nat20s were rolled in Episodes 1-55, 1-61, 1-100, and 2-26 with 14. If we add in DM crits, we still don’t come close: in episode 2-43, Matt rolled four and the players rolled four, for a combined total of eight natural 20s. There is something to be said for quality over quantity in this case, though. (In the future, you can find this kind of stat on our Running Stats pages for Tal’Dorei and Wildemount.)

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Death Saves - Campaign Comparisons

Death Saves - Campaign Comparisons

Image from Handbooker Helper: Death Saving Throws

Back in July following The Mighty Nein’s encounter against the Gearkeeper, we (along with some other critters) started wondering about how many death saves have been made throughout Critical Role’s tenure. And, us being us, we decided to go through our documentation and see what we could find. Unfortunately, by the time we finished our research, a certain in-game event made publishing it less than tasteful at the time, and it’s been sitting on our back burners ever since.

However, thanks to last week’s Handbooker Helper, we were reminded to dust it off and update it! Here are those results, updated to episode 2-36. Spoilers for Campaigns 1 and 2!

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Quick Answers 64

Will you track the number of times Matt claps before the opening credits?

We keep receiving requests for this one despite answering before, but to definitively nip this in the bud: nope. No plans to do so.

How many nines has the Mighty Nein rolled?

As of episode 25, 132 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls).

How many nines has Vox Machina rolled?

In 115 episodes, 246 (based on the rolls’ totals, not natural d20 rolls). Keep in mind that Vox Machina were working with much larger modifiers, making single-digit totals much rarer.

Are there any plans to track Yasha’s flower collection?

  1. (2-04, 3:29:06) Flowers from Nott

  2. (2-04, 3:30:31) Four-leaf clover (already present in book)

  3. (2-19, 2:54:24) Handful of posies

  4. (2-20, 1:00:43) Piece of bark from lightning-struck tree

  5. (2-23, 3:43:01) White flower bud

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Vecna Battle Preview

Vecna Battle Preview

Thanks to @mathilde_draws for this art piece!

Show time! Show time! Yo!
We’re VM in the place to be
Two points’a Heroes’ Feast, plus from Keyleth: nineteen!
These Remnants can only half-see
So Grog’ll slice, Sword of Kas, that lich ‘til they’re free!

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Episode 111 Preview: Where's Vox Machina Now?

Episode 111 Preview: Where's Vox Machina Now?

Thanks to Mark Vinson (@markavinson) for this art piece!

It’s been two weeks since we left Vox Machina, who were traversing the ancient, cursed city of Thomara through the veins of the even more ancient undead titan carrying the even more cursed (possibly as ancient) city of Thar Amphala (with Vecna and his followers) toward Vasselheim.

Time Passed

Approximate time spent traversing this much of the titan (how long J’mon Sa Ord and the wyvern riders of Vasselheim have been providing a distraction against Thar Amphala’s forces): 2.5 hours.

  • (10 mins) Kiki used Control Water against the flooded stream
  • (7 mins) Party members were buried in a rock slide, "5 or so” minutes taken to unbury them.
  • (3 mins) The party fights against earth elementals. Upon victory, they gauge how long each footfall takes, and take note of the structures crumbling within.
  • (30 mins) The party takes a short rest to let Grog read the dwarven scripts to the sarcophogus.
  • (5 mins) Vax plays with the empty poison chests before picking the lock to the sarcophogus.
  • (1 min) The party deals with the wave of petrifying gas, kills the dwarven king, loot his grave, and get back out of the room.
  • (30 mins) The party continues as Percy attunes to the looted belt. Vax kills a nothic.
  • (30 mins) Grog sees that Percy’s belt is good and attunes to the hammer.
  • (3 mins) The party engages trolls before looting what little remains of the vault.
  • (30 mins) Grog reattunes to the Bloodaxe.

We pick up within the vaults of Thomara, immediately following a short rest.

Titan Speed

We’ve been told that the titan’s footprints were between 350-400 feet apart, and 150-200 ft wide. Using these numbers, we’ll estimate an average step length of 500 feet.
Using estimates from while the party was within the titan and gauging that there were no steps during battles, we estimate that there was approximately 20 seconds between each foot fall.
Using the above estimate of 2.5 hours spent inside the titan, this brings us to 450 steps taken over the course of the dungeon crawl thus far.
500 ft stride * 450 steps = 225k ft, or 42.61 miles.

This also places the titan’s current speed at 17.045 miles per hour.

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Quick Answers 55

Your Tumblr blog has an archive, but can we get one for your main site?
Ask and you shall receive.

Do you have a list of all the deities mentioned in Critical Role, or the blessings each party member has received so far?
Yes and yes!

The deities of Exandria as named on the stream, as well as who is tied to them and what we know about them, can be found here. (This list only partially contains the deities listed in the campaign guide, as not all have been introduced yet.)

We also will be keeping Vox Machina’s blessings right here. (And on a similar vein, we still have what we know about the Vestiges acquired.)

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Maximum Damage Update

Maximum Damage Update

Thanks to @rilaisseth for this art piece!

Now that we’ve hit 100 episodes and most everyone is at level 17, we figured it was time for an update of one of our favorite stats: Max Damages. As usual, this is the maximum damage each character can deal to a single target in a single turn, assuming they roll the highest number on every die and crit whenever possible. Using spells or effects cast in a previous turn is allowed, but we’re not taking environmental hazards (like lava or acid) or conditions (like storms) into account. We also assume that the target has no special vulnerabilities, and if there is a save, the target fails. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, we’re not allowing spells like Conjure Animals, because that gets game-breaking and complicated rather quickly. Otherwise, we follow Critical Role’s homebrewed spellcasting rules, which allows two spells to be cast in a turn, as long as one is 2nd level or lower (this doesn’t prevent the casting of a high level spell in a previous round to be used as a bonus action with another high level spell cast as an action). We’re including both Taryon and Scanlan here, but it’s possible that both characters have things that we don’t know about, especially since we’re not even close to confirming Scanlan’s full level 17 spell list (he potentially has access to every 9th level spell in the game right now, which is a little bit terrifying).

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Quick Answers 52

Do you have the timestamp of that one time when Matt, much to Travis' surprise, invented an official flower for one of the big cities (Westruun?) in a matter of seconds and what that flower was?

The Critical Role Wiki answered this one for us. We recommend checking them out, as they are a great source for trivia like this! Matt told us the official flower of Westruun was the white iris in Episode 56 (3:33:10).

Does the timeskip mean that Tary has been with VM as long as/longer than Scanlan at this point?

From what we can gather, no, Scanlan has still been with the party longer. During a Periscope, Matt suggested that a year and a half passed since the party first met together in Stillben to mid-Conclave arc. We can also note that Scanlan was with the party through two Winter’s Crest celebrations, while Tary has only been through one.

Everyone should have had a bday in the year gap. What's everyone's age now?

  • Taryon: 29
  • Vax and Vex: 28 or 29
  • Pike: Early 40s
  • Keyleth and Percy: Mid 20s
  • Grog, Scanlan: Unknown + 1
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