The Benedict Cumberbatch of Critical Role

Special thanks to AshesOfValkana for this submission!

So Will Friedle was amazing and I loved how he stuck with just getting Tiberius’s name wrong for so long. Seriously, it wasn’t until during the battle with the ghosts in part 4 that he got it right, and after that the next time he says it is when they’re back at the Slayer’s Take. Here’s a compilation of the names and Tiberius/Orion’s reactions!

Kashaw: Stormfather 
Tiberius: “It’s Stormwind!”

Kashaw: Stormcloud
Tiberius: “… wind, hmpf.”

Kashaw: Stormshadow
Tiberius: “Oh okay. It’s wind. Stormwind. Okay.”

Tiberius: *introduces himself as Tiberius Stormwind*
 "Oh, Stormwind??? I need to remember that…“

Kashaw: Stormlightning *while complimenting Tiberius*
Tiberius: “It’s wind but okay thank you very much”

Kashaw: Stormdragon
Tiberius: *shouting from the other room* “It’s Stormwi-, it’s fine…”

Kashaw: Stormwind (!)
Orion: *jumps in his seat in surprise, doesn’t get the chance to say something back*

Update: Thanks to chaoswolf1982 for a correction on the editor’s part regarding the moniker Stormshadow.