The de Rolo Crest

@stephanie1839 asked: You seem like the one who would know - how many times did VM publicly display the de Rolo symbol to incite rebellion?

Over the Whitestone arc, we counted nine total uses of the symbol, five of which were made to be displayed to the whole town (bolded).

  1. (Ep29, 1:12:02) Carved into Pelor’s Temple
  2. (Ep29, 2:04:02) Shown to Keeper Yennen
  3. (Ep29, 3:46:32) Burned into Vuukos’ forehead
  4. (Ep29, 3:53:50) Burned into Stonefell’s roof
  5. (Ep30, 2:06:50) Shown to Jordana
  6. (Ep31, p2 0:00:01) Skywriting after Tyleari’s defeat
  7. (Ep32, 2:57:55) Skywriting to start castle assault
  8. (Ep33, p2 0:54:39) Displayed on their chests (Seeming)
  9. (Ep35, p2 0:24:16) Skywriting to signify victory