Three-Point Landing

The difference between falling off of a banister to have your leg hammered off by Grog and nimbly landing with the unnatural finesse of a vampire comes down to the luck of the d20. Here are the occasions where characters’ leaps reached the rare, legendary status of the “three-point landing.”

Thanks to thesingingbadger, kathatherine, and rusty-diamond for these listings, and thesingingbadger for the introduction! Updated through episode 36.

  1. (Ep04, 1:56:33) Vex and Percy leaps down to face the General “3-point landing, Avengers-style.”
  2. (Ep05, 0:51:12) Marisha pleads for a “three-point landing” as the party plummets.
  3. (Ep12, 3:08:20) Ulfgar “Kobe” Fireforge leaps for the golem’s orb.
  4. (Ep16, 2:38:00) Platinum golem lands on top of phase spider (motion only, no phrase).
  5. (Ep25, 0:33:55) Sylas Briarwood, jumping from the window after Vax.
  6. (Ep29, 0:38:29) Vax’ildan, parkouring into the Zenith temple.
  7. (Ep31, p1.1:05:26) Tyleari lands in front of Grog from the ceiling (motion only, no phrase).
  8. (Ep32, 1:23:10) Pike, after finishing the first Zombie Stone Giant.
  9. (Ep34, 4:19:06) Vax leaps down to rescue Vex (motion only, no phrase).