Tiiiiiiimes, tiiiiiimes, tiiiiiimes...

TIMES. After a bit more work than anticipated (we really shouldn’t be surprised by now), we have computed some Critical Role running times. These totals include the first 32 episodes and the Critical Troll episode (aka Critical Role… Sort Of).

  • Total show broadcast time: 122:50:03
  • Total gameplay time: 95:46:39
  • Average broadcast length per episode: 3:43:20
  • Average time spent on gameplay: 2:54:08
  • Average time between start of broadcast and start of gameplay: 0:12:46
  • Average time into broadcast before half break: 1:41:21
  • Average time before end of game: 3:19:56
  • Total time spent for Critmas: 5:29:26

If you want to see the full table, you can check it out here!