Total Damage Graphs

We’ve seen the average damage graphs, but, truth be told, they’re a little unfair to the spellcasters, who have those fun area-of-effect spells. So, we’ve also now compiled graphs of the total damage done by individual members of Vox Machina over the first 50 episodes (mostly because that’s just an easy milestone). Each number is the damage done to all targets in every attack during a particular episode. Click the title above each graph for a larger image.

Episodes 1-10:

Vax, Vex, Trinket, Grog, and Pike:

Totals Across All Episodes (through Episode 54):


Some Notes:

  • Obviously, total damage varies more wildly than average damage; not every episode has combat encounters, and even episodes with combat encounters will vary from each other, since not every combat encounter has the same level of difficulty or available hit points to take down, and crits tend to have more of an effect (see Vex’s spike in episode 25 when she double-crit against Lady Briarwood). Initiative counts will also affect this somewhat, since not every member of Vox Machina necessarily gets the same number of chances to do damage.
  • Spellcasters, despite the added benefit of taking multiple affected targets into account, once again tend to do less damage than the non-spellcasters, however there are exceptions, such as when Tiberius or Keyleth get off a particularly good use of a high-damage area-of-effect spell like Fireball or Firestorm. Non-spellcasters get multiple attacks per round, and their targets don’t get the opportunity to reduce their damage with a save, unlike with many spells. This being said, no one person tends to dominate every episode the way Vax tends to dominate the d20 rolls.
  • Scanlan tends to do least amount of damage by himself, with the exception of Pike. Not surprising, since bards are intended more as support or crowd control characters, and Sam seems to be well aware of this. Notable examples are in episode 45, when he successfully contained the efreet until the lesser mobs were dealt with, and again in episode 52, when he effectively paralyzed Kevdak for two full rounds, allowing the rest of Vox Machina the chance to get his arms off, rendering him useless. Much of the damage to Kevdak, from Grog and Vax in particular (both got off auto-crit attacks thanks to Kevdak being incapacitated, and Vax got an unflanked Sneak Attack), was thanks to Scanlan’s highly successful combo of Cutting Words, Mythcarver, and Hold Person, so an argument could be made that he’s partially responsible for more damage than is reflected here.
  • Pike ranks lowest on the damage chart of the regular humanoid members of Vox Machina. This is partially an effect of missing nearly half the episodes, and partially an effect of being a cleric; her job is to heal and support, not necessarily to do damage. However, the graphs do not include her use of Destroy Undead in episode 32; if we include the hit points for all the skeletons that immediately disintegrated, the damage total for that particular episode would be much higher. And, as we saw in the most recent Battle Royale, she does have access to some dangerously powerful spells if she wants them, though with the exception of Divine Word (which she won’t have until she levels to 13), we suspect they are slightly outside of what Sarenrae would consider acceptable for one of her clerics to use.
  • Keyleth, like Scanlan, often ranks fairly low, since many of her spells are also intended for support or crowd-control, however, there are large spikes when she gets the chance to use one of her area-of-effect spells, such as her use of Firestorm in episode 42, and her absolute annihilation of the fire elementals in episode 46 with Tidal Wave (though the actual damage there should technically be much higher, as calculated by ragebarr over on reddit). Thus, her total damage over all episodes is still fairly high.
  • The twins have done the most damage over all episodes, despite Vax’s lack of area-of-effect abilities. His Assassinate skill (which allows him to auto-crit a sneak attack on surprised enemies), combined with his role of scouting ahead (sometimes more than some members of Vox Machina might prefer) and his boots of haste granting three attacks per round allows him to do the most damage. Vex comes in a close second, her area-of-effect capabilities combining with multiple attacks per round to push her ahead of Grog and Percy. Plus, y’know, Arrow of Dragonslaying.