As we approach the coming new year, we think it’s only fair to consider the transformations that have happened to all of us this year. Whether these transformations take part through the impact that others have had on us (“I turn him into a rat”), or these changes happen through our own volition (e.g., Alter Self, Wild Shape), we’d like to celebrate–

Wait, what do you mean that’s not…

Updated through Episode 36. Thanks to TheSingingBadger, DragonMustang01, BurdenedWithNoPurpose, and Rusty-Diamond with their help on this list!

Total VM transformations (transmutations only): 49
Total VM shapes: 30
Polymorphs cast within the party (not on self): 5
Polymorphs cast on enemies: 4

Keyleth: 16 shapes, 32 total transformations

  1. Bear (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep01 (1:18:15) Trinket clone to help him escape from a barroom brawl.

    2. Ep02 (1:46:10) Cave bear to combat umberhulks.

  2. Eagle (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep01 (2:58:10) To flee from the naga stitch monster.

    2. Ep03 (2:26:06) To fly back up the crevasse after finding Clarota.

    3. Ep04 (1:21:09) To fly the gnomes across the crevasse.

    4. Ep05 (0:40:50) To escape the duergar war camp.

    5. Ep05 (2:36:21) To get on the other side of the black pudding.

    6. Ep08 (1:51:31) Taking the gnomes toward the Abyssal Abomination.

    7. Ep16 (0:42:53) Scouting Vasselheim to protect the Horn.

    8. Ep21 (2:28:05) To escape from falling into the acid pit.

    9. Ep25 (0:30:32) To scout the palace halls for Vax after he calls Jenga.

    10. Ep26 (3:00:55) Catching herself from falling from the roc.

    11. Ep28 (1:44:48) Scouting Whitestone.

  3. Squirrel (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep02 (0:40:57) Hiding in Vex’s pocket at House Thunderbrand.

  4. Dwarf “From the mountains” (Polymorph by Tiberius)

    1. Ep02 (0:52:46) To convince Master Thunderbrand to assist the party.

  5. Rhino (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep04 (2:31:33) To combat the bulette.

  6. Minxie / White Sabertooth Tiger (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep06 (2:21:17) Exploring the duergar stronghold.

    2. Ep13 (2:52:36) Sleeping as Minxie.

    3. Ep17 (0:34:36) Watching Grog’s first fight in The Crucible. Sleeping as Minxie.

    4. Ep21 (3:03:51) To combat Hotis the Rakshasa.

    5. Ep26 (0:37:01) Approaching Uriel’s court.

    6. Ep28 (0:30:00) To combat the behir.

  7. Scorpion (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep07 (2:34:32) To fool the duergar in the throne room.

  8. Shark (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep09 (2:27:10) To swim through the Underdark’s waters.

  9. Earth Elemental (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep09 (0:32:14) During the battle with Queen Ullara.

    2. Ep10 (1:37:16) To spy on the gricks.

    3. Ep11 (3:11:13) To combat K’Varn.

  10. Snake

    1. Ep11 (0:56:10) To slither to and constrict the fomorian.

  11. Air Elemental (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep15 (2:47:56) After being tossed overboard during the Airship Battle.

  12. Rat (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep20 (2:20:05) To pursue the fleeing Hotis the Rakshasa.

  13. Water Elemental (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep22 (3:36:27) To combat the Fire Elemental druids for her AraMente.

  14. Horse (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep25 (2:23:53) To take Vex and Vax to the temple of Sarenrae.

  15. Bat (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep28 (1:22:58) Investigating the abandoned stone giant fortress.

  16. Direwolf (Wild Shape)

    1. Ep29 (2:56:33) To attack one of Stonefell’s guards.

Scanlan: 5 shapes, 6 total transformations

  1. Fly (Polymorph)

    1. Ep06 (1:03:22) To check out the mindflayer statue.

  2. Self-Enhancement (Polymorph)

    1. Ep09 (1:29:12) “[G]iving myself a gigantic dick.” One of these things is not like the others…

  3. Pterodactyl (Polymorph)

    1. Ep13 (1:59:51) Fleeing from Yug’Voril.

    2. Ep26 (3:01:47) Catching himself from falling from the roc.

  4. Dragonfly (Polymorph)

    1. Ep30 (2:54:11) Stealthy approach to Vedemeyer’s mansion.

  5. Triceratops (Polymorph)

    1. Ep30 (2:59:17) Storming Count Vedemeyer’s mansion.

Tiberius: 6 shapes, 8 total transformations

  1. Dwarf (Alter Self)

    1. Ep01 (1:45:53) To clumsily make an impression on Kraghammer’s natives.

    2. Ep07 (2:33:30) To fool the duergar in the throne room as Ladugeur.

    3. Ep20 (2:31:37) As Hozin to fool the Velvet Cabaret bouncers.

  2. Mind Flayer-Clarota (Alter Self)

    1. Ep11 (3:47:43) To persuade the illithid to help defeat K’varn.

  3. Rat (Polymorph by Scanlan)

    1. Ep13 (2:39:08) Result of arcane squabbles.

  4. Gold Dragonborn (Alter Self)

    1. Ep16 (0:42:01) To make an impression in Vasselheim as metallic instead of chromatic.

  5. Elf (Alter Self)

    1. Ep20 (1:43:38) As an elven valet to gain entry into The Velvet Cabaret.

  6. Gadfly (Polymorph)

    1. Ep20 (2:20:27) To pursue Hotis the Rakshasa.

Trinket: 3 shapes, 3 transformations

  1. Rat (Ep01, 1:18:15) Polymorphed by Keyleth to avoid a barroom brawl.

  2. Kitten (Ep08, 1:27:58) Polymorphed by Keyleth to transport across the Sea of Glass and Bone.

  3. Human (Ep36, 2:01:06) Polymorphed by Keyleth to participate in the pie-eating contest.

Bonus - Polymorphed enemies: 4

  1. Umberhulk (Ep02, 2:11:55) Snail

  2. Fomorian (Ep11, 2:24:52) Mouse

  3. Wyvern (Ep15, 2:19:54) Bunny

  4. Roc (Ep26, 2:59:41) Cow