Treasure and Free Stuff and Loot, Oh My!

We posted recently about how much Vox Machina has spent, so we figured it was only fair to track how much they received! If they got it without paying for it, we counted it. Updated to Episode 80

You can click here to find that list.

Thanks to avventurierisenzapaura, @bIu3b1rd, @casey_mca, @ChrisVLinden, clefos, crystallos, cyberwulf, @dancer4813, Felix H., Genny S., gingersoul79, GuardianRoborn, @InvictusRob, @JacobSBrowning, @jgraveart, @jmworland, Josip P., @Ju_Draakje, krutoon, @lukempickles, @Matt_Abernathy, Mikko P., @mirumototairu, @_miss_maria_, Monique S., mthwiz, Nicholas C., @OmrJeuss, @SilentEnGee, sunnydaleworld, Supertoasty, sylgard, themeaningofnight, TimRossio, @unnamemeN, velcroboyfriends, voxmachinamusicfestival, wouldlike2rage, Wren, @ytoti_, zahra-hana, @ZefirynLily, and an Anonymous Retired Marine Critter (thanks to all the Troops!) for their work compiling this list!