Trinket is Useful

Anon asked: How many times has Trinket been useful at all?

We here at Critical Role Stats are a team divided between #LeaveTrinketBehind and #NoBearLeftBehind.  Here are our bipartisan findings. Updated to Episode 41.

02 Into the Greyspine Mines

  • (2:11:12) Trinket protects Scanlan during Vex’s attack phase

07 The Throne Room

  • (3:47:23) Trinket provided the needed assistance to Pike to drag Vax from the incoming magma.

17 Hubris

  • (2:41:29) Trinket damaged the hydra

18 Trial of the Take Part 1

  • (1:56:13) Trinket killed an orc

19 Trial of the Take Part 2

  • (2:48:56) Trinket damaged Rimefang

24 The Feast

  • (2:43:10) Trinket learned how to Cannonball attack

25 Crimson Diplomacy

  • (2:50:27) CANNONBALL! Missed The Broker, hit the monk.

26 Consequences and Cows

  • (2:27:24) Trinket sat on comfort-watch for Percy

27 The Path to Whitestone

  • (0:27:11) Trinket helped defend the keep and Desmond when the stalkers attacked

30 Stoke the Flames

  • (1:30:00) Trinket stayed on night watch with Grog in the tavern and kept him awake

31 Gunpowder Plot

  • (p1. 1:14:14) Trinket did damage to Tylieri
  • (p1. 1:32:13) Got the initial kill of Tylieri.
  • (p2. 0:56:42) Carried Vex away from the skeleton army.

32 Against the Tide of Bone

  • (0:18:41) Quickly carried Vex back to the skeleton army so she could get in an early attack

33 Reunions

  • (p1. 1:38:42) Grappled Ripley
  • (p2. 1:30:40) Successfully cannonball-attacked in the crypt

35 Denouement

  • (2:01:38) Part of the kill of Orthax

36 Winter’s Crest in Whitestone

  • (2:10:54) Won Vex some gold by tying for first in the pie eating contest

37 A Musician’s Nostalgia

  • (4:18:59) Trinket carried the unconscious body of Daxio back to the palace

38 Echoes of the Past

  • (2:11:47) Gave a solid perception check in Krieg’s house

41 In Ruins

  • (1:42:32) Trinket beheads a looter at Gilmore’s