Ultimate Critmas Gift List

Following many, many requests and in preparation for the grand 50th episode Critmas special (before it transitions to once a year), we proudly present: our table of all Critmas gifts presented on the show.

We realize that not all gifts were shown on the air, and that not all names were read. If you wish to add, correct, or remove your name from the list, please either leave a comment on the appropriate box, or let us know the episode, time stamp, and gift. We’ll attempt to amend it as soon as we can get to it.

On that note, many individuals who requested this list asked so that they may avoid sending something the cast already received. While we’re sure that they would welcome any handcrafted items, we would also like to remind prospective givers of some non-physical gifts that would be welcomed by both the cast and crew at Geek & Sundry, and your community at large:

  • Donations (time or money) done in the name of Critical Role.
  • Donations to one of the many charities picked out by each cast member.
  • Letters, messages, and photos of fantastic things happening, such as:
    • Awesome charitable events in your area.
    • Starting your own RPG or gaming group.
    • Other ways Critical Role has inspired you to do something awesome.

Happy Critmas!