Vaxleth: Half-Elven Moments

The following intro has been provided by NeoArcadiaComms. Updated as of Episode 32; regularly updated here. Editor’s note and credits at the bottom. Enjoy!

One of the most popular topics in the Critter community, much like other fandoms, is that of shipping. And there’s no surprise that one of the most popular ships is that of Vax'ildan and Keyleth, otherwise known as “Vaxleth.” The hints have been sporadic in early episodes, but ever since the departure of Pike in episode 16, they’ve become more common. Then again, it’s to be expected of two members of an adventuring party having their bonds and relationships change. In the case of Vaxleth, Vax clearly has shown hints on his end. As for Keyleth, it’s hard to tell whether she’s oblivious, preoccupied, or simply not interested when it comes to these signals.

However, they have not gone unnoticed by Vex'ahlia. Or by the Critters. Here’s the moments we’ve found, both minor and more notable.

07 The Throne Room

  • (1:31:00) Minxie Keyleth gifts Vax a literal heart. Vax scratches her ears.

09 Yug’Voril Uncovered

  • (1:24:27) Vax’ildan’s insight into Keyleth and his heartwarming reassurance towards her.
  • (2:00:07) As they go through the tunnel leading to Yug’Voril the next day, Vax reassures Keyleth again that he and the rest of Vox Machina are there for her.

10 K’Varn Revealed

  • (2:28:50) Vax slaps Keyleth to get her out of her Scrying spell before K'Varn can seriously harm her.

15 Skyward

  • (1:57:30) Vax hangs out with Keyleth and helps her with her scroll making. When Vex remarks that she thought Vax was into Gilmore, he says that he’s “hard to pin down.”

20 Trial of the Take Part 3

  • (0:57:18) A minor one, but during the team’s investigation into the Rakshasa’s whereabouts, Vax offers 10 gold coins to a mask seller in hopes of buying information. Keyleth wants a mask herself, so he immediately slides one of the coins he offers away from the pile to buy one.
  • (1:44:27) The “marriage” proposal. Vax offers to pretend to be married to Keyleth. She accepts, albeit awkwardly.
  • (1:52:30) “Coraline” grabs “Scanlan’s” hand; he folds her arm in his as they walk through the Velvet Cabaret.
  • (2:27:24) As Tiberius explains that Hosin is the Rakshasa, Vax panics. “You left her with him!?” […] “I shove past [Tiberius] and I go running out the door.”
  • (2:33:02) After Tiberius tricks the guards to go about their business, Keyleth and Vax continue the charade of being “married” while pursuing the Rakshasa. Before he checks a locked door, Vax tells her to wait a moment.
  • (2:35:54) “Did you stub your toe, darling?”
  • (2:45:45) Keyleth: “I’ll follow my husband.” […] Matt: “That’s weird.”

21 Trial of the Take Part 4 

  • (2:37:50) “Vex is gonna kill us.” “Yeah…” [muffled yell] “Oh no. We just heard them scream from the other room.”
  • (2:38:38) “Thorbir has no attachment to this carpet.” “Nor does Kashaw.” “Nor does Tiberius.” “WELL I DO!” “I KNOW!” “MY SISTER IS GONNA KILL ME!” “VEX IS GONNA BE SO ANGRY!”
  • (2:38:51) Keyleth gives Vax a hug, sharing a half-elven moment while the rest of the party “doesn’t care at all.”
  • (2:39:23) As players, Liam/Vax and Marisha/Keyleth hug to mourn the loss of the carpet. “Bye, carpet.” “Bye, carpet.”

22 AraMente to Pyrah

  • (0:36:45) Keyleth talks about the club and pretending to be married to Vax. Vex responds coldly; Vax protests that it’s not THAT hard to believe.
  • (0:39:07) Vax tells everyone about Kashaw’s kiss. Keyleth reminisces on it fondly, and Vex chills once she realizes that Keyleth isn’t THAT serious about Vax.
  • (0:54:10) The first time Vax calls Keyleth “Kiki.”
  • (1:00:40) The subject of Kashaw being married to the god Vesh is brought up. The group wonders if she would be mad at Keyleth for kissing Kashaw and Vax says “Tell her to get in line.”
  • (1:22:33) Vax shows his full support towards visiting Pyrah for Keyleth’s sake.
  • (1:43:49) “Keyleth, I saw you piledrive a beholder. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be all right.”
  • (3:06:33) Vax conquering his phobia of lava by diving into the portal after Keyleth into the Plane of Fire.

24 The Feast

  • (0:35:16) “Keyleth… Kiki?” Getting her attention to ask how the party intends to arrive at Kraghammer.
  • (1:31:12) Vax stealths away to find Kainan. Keyleth attempts to notice him, but is distracted by Tiberius’s critical fart.
  • (2:18:30) Vax and Keyleth tie pink bows and flowers in Trinket’s fur. Vex was not amused.

25 Crimson Diplomacy 

  • (0:40:27) Vax thinks of Keyleth specifically before going unconscious at the hands of the Briarwoods. Definitely one of the strongest moments.
  • (0:41:38, 0:43:00) Marisha tears up to Vax’s final thoughts.
  • (1:24:19) Following up on Scanlan’s action, Keyleth also uses Healing Word on Vax.
  • (1:25:53) Vax shares an awkward glance with Keyleth as he runs for his life.
  • (2:35:44) Vax screams in jubilation, and Keyleth asks what happened.
  • (2:37:02) Vax briefly apologizes to Keyleth.

26 Cows and Consequences

  • (0:35:41) Vax, intending to play moderator between Tiberius and Keyleth, brings up the child in comparison to Tiberius killing an old woman. Keyleth, who is very sensitive about that, responds appropriately.
  • (2:17:15) Drunk Tiberius tattles on Vax’s crush. “Vax just WALKS away, off the roof, out of here. I’m gone.” “Human kissy mouth!”
  • (2:35:05) “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean [to call you a cow].” “That’s okay, what Vax said was way worse.”

27 The Path to Whitestone 

  • (2:28:55) Vax takes a flower from Keyleth’s garden.

28 The Sun Tree

  • (1:02:48) Keyleth asks for one of Vax’s daggers to harvest the Behir’s lightning breath gland.
  • (2:04:29) Keyleth compliments Vax on his “nice helmet.” Clarota’s old psionic-resistant skullcap is apparently quite “aerodynamic.”

29 Whispers

  • (0:16:34) After swapping weapons for his Blinkback Belt, Vax goes to a very nervous Keyleth, asking if she needs anything for reviving the Sun Tree.
  • (2:28:57) Keyleth tries to use Enhance Ability on Vax by touching his shoulder, only to realize that he doesn’t need the advantage. Despite that, she still wishes him good luck.
  • (2:35:50) Vax holds Keyleth’s hand (and Grog’s) as he sneaks towards Sir Stonefell’s room. Vex was, once again, not amused. In fact, she was “offended and hurt.” Vex attempts to give the evil eye through her crazy-eyed grandma illusion. Keyleth shrugs.
  • (3:48:05) Compared to Percy, Scanlan, and Grog, Vax and Keyleth are in agreement regarding how they plan to go forward with the rebellion, stating that things may be going too far.

30 Stoke the Flames

  • (1:15:56) After turning two of the vampire spawn into ash with Sunbeam, Keyleth comes to Vax’s aid by using Grasping Vine to pull the third vampire away from the rogue.
  • (1:28:47) Vax and Keyleth take watch after relocating to the cellar in the tavern. Vex makes sure they’re not alone.

31 Gunpowder Plot

  • (p1.1:23:12) Keyleth compliments Vax’s table slide.
  • (p2, 0:51:27) “Kiki, I…” Vax nervously trying to convince her to come down from the tree.
  • (p2, 0:53:39) Vax looks upon Keyleth in the tree, trying to stay underneath her. Vex chastises him for looking up Keyleth’s skirt. Scanlan didn’t think she was wearing a dress the whole time; Vax thought she was wearing leaves.
  • (p2, 1:01:22) Vax grabs Keyleth’s hand as they flee from the approaching skeletons.

32 Against the Tide of Bone

  • (0:18:28) As Keyleth escapes Vax’s grip to take on the skeleton horde, he immediately runs back to catch up to her.
  • (0:23:56) Vax climbs the Wall of Stone up to Keyleth, right behind Percy.
  • (1:51:06) Keyleth runs up to heal Vax’s burned hands (which she accidentally burned by using Heat Metal on his daggers) after the zombie giant was slain. She takes his hands to heal them, and he takes hers in his, holding a little longer than needed for the spell. Cue interference from Vex.
  • (2:41:56) While in the tunnel leading to Castle Whitestone, Keyleth speaks with Vax on sneaking off on his own again.

This project had been sitting on our backburner for a little while, with the odd contribution from our volunteers as they covered each episode. However, thanks to the determined efforts of NeoArcadiaComms (who originally put in the request that we log them), it received enough attention to get launched forward in the queue. Thanks to him, @burdenedwithnopurpose, @kathatherine, @thesingingbadger, and @vaxleth for helping us get these!